Is it ok to go on a cruise in february?

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  1. is the sea rough, I might be going to the carribean...from nyc
  2. Since it won't be hurricane season, I bet it would be a lovely time to go!
  3. Dec-April is my favorite time to go... calm seas and beautiful weather (usually like low to mid 80's, not too hot)! Plus it's so nice to get away from the cold East Coast weather that time of year!!
  4. We usually go between Christmas and the second week of Jan, depending on schedules, and have always had good weather!
  5. February is a perfect time to go. We have taken several cruises during that month and the weather has always been wonderful.
  6. I have been on a few around that time and I highly recommend it! The weather is perfect, you can lay out all day and get a nice tan without having to sweat buckets to get it!