Is it OK to Get Classic Flap Bag in Medium for my Height?

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  1. I'm 5ft tall. Would it look weird if I get in size medium? The local store said they only got the medium size in stock and the small bags are on people's waiting list.
  2. I'm 5'1 and I have a medium double flap and it looks fine. Why don't you go in and try it on?
  3. Also Can you wear it cross body?
  4. The strap on m/l flap is short for cross body on me (I'm 160cm). Sits on my hip.
  5. Im 5'2-3 and it looks odd on me cross body. It sits on my waist.
  6. I'm 5'2, The medium bag sits a bit wierd as a crossbody for someone my height or taller, but I'm pretty petite in size and it's kind of "European" style to wear a bit shorter crossbody so it doesn't bother me in my opinion. If you're 5' I think it would look a bit longer as a crossbody for you, but it also depends on your body type and how you dressup for the bag.

    I think the only bags "suitable" as crossbody is the classic minis and jumbo and maxi ++
    In my opinion, jumbo and maxi is too big to use as a crossbody, I don't get why they made longer straps on them... -_-
  7. The M/L is the perfect size. It will be kind of weird as crossbody since the chain might dig into your shoulders but you can wear it long and short over the shoulder.
  8. You will be fine. I see people who are 5' wearing jumbos and maxis.

    My 21 yo daughter is 5' with a slim build and loves raiding my closet to rock my jumbos as well as my mediums. And they look great on her. So I think it's more about your total look, how much you want to carry, and confidence when wearing the bag.

  9. Totally agree with this!
  10. I have a m/l classic and it looks ok with my petite height 5 ft :smile:
  11. Think its okay
    Go try it
  12. I'm also 5ft and I think the m/l flap bag looks fine for me. It's not too big.

  13. So off topic, but your daughter is one lucky gal!!! My mom's not into designer bags and thinks it's crazy how much I spend on Chanels. I would've loved to raid mom's closet and wear her Chanels like your daughter is able to. [emoji1] I'm hoping my own daughter (3 months old) will be into Chanel so she can raid mine haha
  14. Ok now to OP's dilemma. I'm the same height and have 2 m/l and 1 jumbo. I also rock LV neverfull GM like its no big deal!! depends on what u carry and how u carry it. I don't think m/l is overwhelming at all!!
  15. Hi there,
    I'm 5'1" and the medium is a perfect size for me. I wear the chains doubled and use it as as a shoulder bag. Love it.
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