Is it ok to do this?

  1. I have a really cute bag that I got from Papaya, its arm held [crook of arm] and its deep purple. I was thinking of getting a tattersall scarf to tie to it.

    Do you girls tie Coach scarfs to non Coach bags?
  2. i have tied my legacy stripe ponytail scarf to a bcbg bag before
  3. well i figured it wouldnt look too bad since it has no logo on it..
  4. sure, why not! Go for it! :tup:
  5. You can do whatever you want-you own the bag and you own the scarf! :yes:
  6. Of course it is okay! No one ever assumes that a person's shoes and dress have to be by the same designer, so why a bag and accessories? Lots of people carry a bag from one designer with a scarf or charm from another!
  7. thanks ladies :tup: