Is it ok to buy yourself an eternity band?

  1. I am thinking specifically about a right hand Tiffany celebration ring with round diamonds going all the way around it. Should this be a gift from a guy? Does it look funny to wear if you are not married?
  2. IMO, I don't see anything wrong w/it. Go for it :tup:
  3. I think they're pretty too... you should get it. Are you going to wear it on the same finger as if it was a wedding band? I'd maybe just choose a different finger. No one will think anything of it. There are lots of bands like that, esp. people stack them. Get it!
  4. I say totally go for it! There's nothing wrong with buying yourself a nice piece of jewelry. Those rings are beautiful!!
  5. Go for it, I love the prong setting ones! As long has you are not buying an e ring for yourself!Lol!
  6. Go for it! However, if you're going to purchase just one this time I'd just put it in the middle finger so it doesn't look like a wedding band or something like that. Otherwise, a stack of rings in the ring finger.
  7. I bought myself a channel set full eternity with princess diamonds with some money my parents gave me from my grandad's estate.
    I switch it between hands and I'm not married. I say go for it! :tup:
  8. hey, I say any excuse to buy diamonds should be taken immediately :biggrin:
  9. I whole-heartedly think you should buy the ring! One shouldn't have to rely on another person to wear and enjoy diamonds.
  10. I bought myself an eternity band for my pointer finger, and I also think they look cute as pinky rings!
  11. Go for it :yahoo: Those rings are beautiful! I'd love one on my middle finger.
  12. Yes, buy yourself something pretty and be sure to show us!
  13. LH, I say it is perfectly fine. I would just keep it off my left hand! I would say right hand is perfectly fine for a stunning ring. Good Luck.
  14. I say go for it!! The eternity rings from T&CO are gorgeous and if I had the money I would def buy one for myself this instant!! :P:graucho:
  15. As far as I am concerned - as long as you can afford it, its okay to buy yourself ANYTHING!!!