Is it ok to buy from Yahoo! Auctions Singapore??

  1. Any PFers made transactions from this auction site? I found Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong reliable.. How about Yahoo! Auctions Singapore? Any comments will be a big help for me.. TIA!
  2. I believe there's a mix of authentic and non-authentic items on yahoo singapore. Some tPFers have advised staying away from some yahoo sellers for selling fake gucci bags (on authenticate this gucci thread).
  3. Thanks! Actually, I do find some LV bags from Yahoo! Auctions HK and all of them are authentic. We get to meet face to face and then check the purse on a secondhand shop. But unfortunately, if it's going to be from Yahoo! Auctions Singapore, I won't be able to do the same as to Yahoo! Auctions HK.. That's why I'm worried..