is it ok to bring manhattan GM to DISNEY?

  1. We're going to disney this week and i wonder if it is ok to bring manhattanGM along w/ me?
  2. I think so, I've seen lots of LV in WDW!!

  3. LOVE the picture, thanks fashionMIKE!

    and i agree with him, you should def. take your manhattan GM with you! i'd look at your bag if i were there~~~!!! Hot hot hot!! :heart::heart::heart:

    i used to take messanger type bags to theme parks i have a little one, so i'd take backpack! :p
  4. I personally wouldn't. A shoulder bag would be much easier to carry. Plus the Manhattan is a little heavy, plus I'd be afraid to take it there! Disney can be a dirty place for LV, with all of the water rides and people carrying food around. You won't be able to set your bag anywhere (like a table at a restaurant) and you can't go on Splash Mountain! (I love Splash Mountain lol). It's so jam packed of people there, so if you're walking next to someone they could easily be eating something and it'll hit your bag. So although the bag is beautiful, let it sit this vacation out!
  5. what i usually do is rent a locker and leave the purse in there. i usually take one of my speedys and it just gets too tiresome to use a handheld purse all day. but the locker works out good and you can get in and out of it all day for just one price. you use a code.
  6. thats a good idea! I forgot about those things. The Manhattan might be a little big for it though.
  7. I totally agree, word for word! :yes: The manhattan gm will get very heavy after a few hours (on the shoulder too), even when pretty empty. I carried mine to the mall 2 weeks ago and ended up with a very sore shoulder for the next two days. But I would be more afraid of it getting dirty and wet at Disney! I usually take one of my cheap bags that I can just stick into the washing machine after (like samsonite travel/waist bags); that way I can have fun and not have my mind on my beloved LVs...:idea:
  8. i guess you're right. thanks.
  9. DEFINITELY leave the LV at home and bring your raingear. We've been having thunderstorms every day in Orlando (I'm assuming here you're going to WDW and not Disneyland) and there doesn't appear to be any relief in sight. It doesn't rain all day's just hard to predict when they will come. You'll still have a wonderful time though!
  10. ^^ yeah, I was just going to point out the rain .... I would bring a bag you don't have to worry about getting wet!
  11. it would be fine but do you really want to carry it around all day? I think a shoulder bag would be more comfortable.
  12. Disney, in CA or in FL?
    <--- I live in FL, its our rainy season, and your bag will be heavy since its a large bag. If you don't mind that it will get wet and dirty in our humidity, then wear it. Personally, I'd use something more practical like a light waistpack or waterproof nylon messenger...
  13. i wouldnt suggest taking it with you to disneyworld or even disneyland. it will get very uncomfortable after a few hours and do you really want to spend a majority of your time worrying about your bag?

    also at disneyland (i dont know about disneyworld), they dont have little cubbies for you to place your belongings during they ride, they require you to take it with you (which irked the heck out of me!!)
  14. I wouldn't advise you to bring it with you to Disney. Like the others said, it can get very heavy and easily dirty/wet. I would bring something smaller and more practical without all that vachetta to worry about. Have a good time on your trip! :smile:
  15. I just got back from Disney and I would strongly advise against it! It will get ruined. Who ever said Disney is dirty is right. I had brand new pairs of pants and I tried to be careful, but both pairs came back with indelible stains on the butt.. I could kick myself for wearing new clothes. It also rains a lot in the afternoon - you are asking for water spots.

    Now if you just feel you NEED to carry something LV (like I, of course, did!) take something with minimal leather, like a pochette accessory. Its small, but you can fit your cell phone, a lipstick and your Disney park passes in it and just tuck it under your arm. If you are single with no kids that is really all you need. If you have kids and will need to push a stroller, carry a larger cheap canvas type bag that can get ruined, because trust me.. it will! Disney is a super fun place and I would hate to have to worry about ruining my expensive bag.. it would spoil the fun.