Is it ok to ask a non-Chanel shoe related question in reference to a Chanel bag here?

  1. OK--strange beginning, but I have the crackled patent leather classic flap (also referred to as the diamond shine flap) in bordeaux. It is gorgeous and I was thinking of getting these shoes if the colors look good together, but I don't know about trying to *match* a Chanel leather color to a lower-end shoe. Cole Haan : Women's CHARLIZE AIR PUMP : Collection Shoes
  2. I think you can pull if off nicely. I am also looking for a nice pair of patent shoes to go with my Vinyl Cabas.
  3. there's no need to try and buy only high end shoes to complement your Chanels. I think are great!:yes:
    I don't have any 'high end' kicks.
  4. I wear a Prada coat,Chanel bag with a Gap t shirt..who cares!as long as you like your stuff..THATS all that matters!! Get the shoes!
  5. absolutely get the my opinion, the more stunning the bag, the less the shoes have to match

    i am at the point now where i sometimes put on flipflops with my Chanel looks individualistic and effortless...............
  6. ^Did it today.
    I had Sailor pants on {the ones w/ the buttons on the front} a navy/white stripey shirt and navy/white flip flops on and carried by dark white Vintage Tote:biggrin:
  7. I have these

  8. oooh, those are purty!
  9. Oops, just re-read the post and saw you're looking for bordeaux!
  10. They're surprisingly comfy.
  11. Swanky, you surprise me! I thought for sure you would have bagged some Chanel shoes by now!!
  12. can you inagine!?
    I really have very little need for 'nice' shoes, my little ones are still so young.
    I'm a flip flop and pull on sneakers {Nike Free} kinda gal.
    Dior and LV have some swanky flip flips this year though, I may try some out:yes:
  13. Hey, don't forget Chanel has made flip flops in the past - these are from last year!!

  14. To tell the truth, with a 2 year old and another due in June, I should really be looking at "swanky flip flops" (love it) instead of 4 inch heels.
  15. ^LOL! Hear that!:yes:

    The problem I have found w/ the swanky ones is my feet aren't right. . . like my instep isn't high enough and the straps just kind of gape on me.