Is It Odd To Have More SLG's Than Bags?

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  1. Hi! I have more SLG's than bags, counting 5 SLG's as of today and two bags. Should I have more bags than SLG's? Is it odd that I have so many small items and so few larger ones? Thank you!:biggrin::biggrin:
  2. OK I feel stupid - I have been seeing this in various threads: what does SLG stand for?:shame:
  3. small leather goods!
  4. Think abt all the things you need :graucho: in one bag - wallet... key holder/cles... cosmetic bag/pouch... agenda... business card holder... etc etc..
    I think it's perfectly fine! ;)
  5. Thank you!:smile:
  6. not silly at all!!!!
  7. Not at all! I have 3 times as many SLG's as I do actual bags. I LOVE every SLG that I've purchased from LV. They make me smile, and get far more hands-on usage than any bag could get.
  8. Not at all, you need several SLGs inside of a single bag, so it would make sense to have more of them. :yes:
  9. I totally understand u, it's def notmal (to me). I have to save up money for a bag... and sometimes it's just hard and I have no patient so... I end up getting slgs instead of a bag lol ;)
  10. Very normal imo.
  11. Thank you! I think it's fun, sometimes even more fun to have cute wallets, cles etc...than to get a new bag. Sometimes I put like four SLG's in a bag at once, it makes the day more exciting! :smile: I know everyone tells me just to save up for a bag but for some reason it doesn't feel as good to me.
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