Is it not a beautiful bag ?

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  1. Hi everyone, I have been planning to buy another LV bag and liking the Beaubourg MM messenger bag for everyday use. But no one here has posted a model pic of it (I think no one in the forum has it lol ...I did do a search). Also, non I came across ebay, bonanzle,yoogis closet and other places.
    Just wondering if it is not a very attractive bag ? Perhaps unpopular ! I like the fact that is has less vachetta on it plus all the pockets. Has anyone considered buying this bag ? Is it worth spending $980 on it or should I consider something else. Also I am around 5ft 1 inch and very thin, u think the bag will hang low or too big on me. I can only afford one bag for now and want it to be the perfect one, that why so confused.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. It comes in another size now?!?!
    You wouldn't happen to have a picture of it?
  3. If you like it purchase it. Don't buy a bag based on what others like. I have quite a few LV's that a lot of TPF'ers say that they dislike.

    I prefer that because I know I won't see a ton of people walking around with my bag.
  4. The rule of thumb is always buy wht YOU LOVE!
  5. agreed:smile:
  6. I wonder if we do not see it a lot because it is sold as a mens bag? I love messenger bags so I have looked at them, but now that I am not in school personally I do not think I would use it a lot. If you would use it, I think it is classic looking and you should get it!
  7. I love this bag. I was thinking about getting it. It's between this bag and the Bass MM. I love the Beaubourg messenger because 99% of the bag is canvas and 1% is vachetta. It's definitely a bag to get. It is a men's bag but that means nothing. I saw get it since like you said, it is practical because of the numerous pockets.

  8. :yes: :yes:^^^ITA!!!
  9. mumar_k, I have my eye on this bag, only in the GM size because I want it to hold my MacBook Pro which wouldn't fit in the MM. I'm a guy, but as others have said, I don't think that's particularly relevant. If you like it, go for it!

    I like the rounded edges of the flap, which I think makes it look more like a satchel bag - for me this is why it has the edge over the Abbesses, which I also like - and I think it's generally a much more classic looking bag.
  10. I've seen this bag, its very ncie. You're right, though; it is not overly popular. That just means that yours will be even more unique!
  11. I also agree!
  12. Thanks everyone for your reply. My Dh wants me to get the beaubourge Messenger MM too :smile:
  13. Agreed! :yes:
  14. It's always nice when your SO is supportive.. :graucho:

    So should we be expecting a reveal soon ? :P