is it normal

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  1. i got the montorgueil pm sometime ago but never got a chance to wear it but today when i took it out of the dust bag i observed that the leather has an uneven patina. the straps are slightly darker than the other leather areas of the bag. is it normal?
  2. How long have you had the bag ?
  3. i love your name as my daughter has the same name too. ayla i have had this bag for over a year now.
  4. To me this is normal, but I use my bags. The handles always get darker because of where I place my hands. Although is you have not used it I am not too sure. Were the handles exposed more than the rest?
  5. i keep all my bags in dust bags. although there is just a difference of maybe one shade darker than the rest of the bag
  6. yes it's normal. my speedy handles are different colors too, one is slighty darker than the other. didn't realize this when it was brand new, but with time the one that started out darker stayed darker.
  7. I really think this is totally normal.
  8. yep normal
  9. It's normal...
  10. It's normal.