is it normal ...

  1. for seller to ask for your paypal id prior to bidding to check if you are verified or not.
    i am curious....
  2. anyone?
    this thing that i want to bid is about to end, and the sekker did not let me bid til i give her my payupal id.
    is it okay?
  3. I don't think a Seller has a way of checking a person's Paypal ID or if the prospective buyer is Verified.
  4. you think so? so why did she want my paypal id?
  5. She may have wanted to see if you have a minimum number of feedback or that your feedback isn't private.
  6. paypal feedback?
    i have never heard of such thing. and my feedback is not private either, she can clearly see the number of feedback that i have.
    i just want to know your opinion whether it is safe or not to give my paypal id to her.
  7. I have never been asked for my paypal id, maybe she wants to make sure you are verified? I think it would be safe to give her your payapl id, but obviously not your password!
    Are you in the US?
  8. yes, i am in the US.....
    obviously i am not giving anyone my password. even my hubby does not know any of my password.
    anyways, maybe i should just pass on this auction.
    thanks girls
  9. :confused1: :wtf: I'm an ebay buyer and seller. never heard such a thing. There is no way they can verify that information. weird!
  10. I can't think of anything on what purpose it would serve a seller. Maybe she wanted to make sure you really had a Paypal account. This one stumps me.
  11. You can check for people you have transacted with. I think maybe you can see when you are sending payment to someone without actually sending but I don't know for sure, so maybe that is what they mean? :shrugs:
  12. I misread the question. I thought she wanted the ebay IDs of anyone who wanted to bid, so that she could pre-approve them. I would never give anyone my paypal ID in advance, even though I'm not sure how it could be misused w.o. a password. I still wouldn't do it because it IS weird. I don't know why anyone would ask for that, unless she meant your ebay ID.
  13. The Paypal email address (the one we'd send money to if we were the buyer) does have a "feedback" of sorts. Next time you buy something and use Paypal, when you get to the page to pay, you'll see the seller's email address with a status description and number beside it. That's the number of transactions a seller has completed.

    As to why a seller wants to check if you are verified, I can only imagine it's the seller making sure you went through all the right security channels so she won't get stuck with chargeback from an overseas buyer. That's the only reason I can think of.