Is it normal to panic?? I spent how much money???

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  1. 968A2BDF-DDA3-41C6-9249-F3426BD0B4A0.jpeg Yesterday I paid for the most expensive bag I’ve ever owned. It cost probably more than the average Birkin. I am normally an LV or Chanel girl. Did most of you start that way?
    Is it normal to question whether or not I am sane? I have the cash, as well as a 401K, but I am single (with grown children though) and have nobody else’s income to rely on. I keep thinking of all the other things I really should do with it, like house remodeling and saving more for retirement. I never really thought I would want a Birkin, but this gorgeous one popped up:
    Miss Horseshoe Mysore Chevre 30 cm Gris Tourterelle with rose Tyrien interior and trim called to me.
    Any words of wisdom?
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  2. Not sure what you're really asking or saying. You knew the price tag, you had the money, you purchased. So the concern is what?

    Are you saying it was an impulse buy, and you have remorse?
    Are you saying it was an impulse buy, and you now realize it was expensive?
    Are you saying it is shocking somehow that you bought an expensive thing--even fully knowing they're always expensive (not a secret)?

    Are ya happy? That's what counts.
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  3. If it's just the uneasy feeling of spending on yourself and everything else in life is good financially, let it go and enjoy.
  4. I have a huge list of bags I want, so I often wait until they are available pre-loved. I have well over 100 and don’t *need* any more. I really need to sell off the ones I no longer use, so I guess any bag I buy now is technically an impulse buy, lol. I bought a few when the stock market was doing well, but now it’s , so I feel like I should not be spending. But this bag is a one of a kind beauty! I just wondered if anybody else feels a little panicky after spending this amount on a bag. I usually purchase in the $300-2000 range and the most I have spent on one bag so far is $5000.
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  5. Enjoy your new bag! It’s beautiful.
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  6. It’s a real beauty. Enjoy it if you can afford it. It is really hard the first time you spend so much.
  7. I get it 100%. I handled the anxiety by running through the questions: Are my bills paid? Am I financially responsible in preparing for my family’s future? Do I have the discretionary income once I meet my obligations? Is this how I want to spend my money?
    If you don’t get comfortable with it, don’t buy another one. But enjoy the bag you have - it’s beautiful. Would you please post a photo showing the interior?
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  8. It is SO normal to feel insane the first time.... and then it is so normal to get accustomed to the insane price and think a five figure bag is a good price

    She is gorgeous and special. You have done the work to deserve her and bravo for getting to a stage in life where you can be financially responsible and still have a birkin!

    Don’t freak yourself out to the point you don’t enjoy her. My first I hid in a box 3 mos before carrying her.... I sold my holy grail bag because of personal insecurity about having her. Now I rip open the box and tralalalala around town....
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  9. I asked for a Birkin and got one the same night. When the box was being opened for me, I started to sweat... felt faint... and subsequently drank an entire glass of water in 15 seconds. It's normal. How you feel is TOTALLY NORMAL. Funny though... there was no looking back from there.... many many bags in... I still get a high when they open that box =)

    YOLO BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. As long as you can truly afford it...NORMAL reaction...
    I once purchased both a kelly AND a birkin on the same day (back in the day when this was allowed).
    As I walked out of the store, each hand clutching the handles of a large orange bag, and walked toward my car.....
    I sincerely thought I was going to faint and wind up face down on the asphalt.
    Congratulations and enjoy your new bag!
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  11. It's a beautiful bag! It sounds like you are in a stable financial position and can well afford the bag, but I can certainly sympathize with the sticker shock. Hopefully, you can really enjoy it as a delightful treat for yourself.

    And if you need to raise cash, you should be able to re-sell it!
  12. Completely normal to have sticker shock, especially after your first B purchase. Heck, I still have sticker shock after multiple B purchases. It’s a lot of money and completely normal and healthy to reflect and make sure everything is in order and you’re making a “sound” decision for yourself.

    Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  13. Completely normal. I still freak EVERY TIME! IMO, it means you understand money and what it takes to earn it. But if you are comfortable and it doesn’t put you in a financial bind, then let it go and enjoy!
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  14. I know that feeling. Hehe The first big spend is almost anxiety- inducing and some what uneasy to the point where If feels like a dirty little secret. It’s not even about affordability. It’s the simple oh crap did I just spend that voice In your head? I m sure the ultra wealthy felt the same when they bought their first private Jet or mega yacht. I feels comfortable after a while and then boom you start outdoing yourself. Enjoy your bag. It’s stunning
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  15. if you have been wanting it and can afford it--enjoy! You said your kids were grown up. It's a beauty of a bag.
    Now, I would not be able to handle the guilt feeling for spending so much on one bag, even though I too can afford it-but I live in an area where Hermes bags are rarely seen, so for me spending $$$$$ on a bag no one recognizes as special, causes me not to buy. If I lived in a more metropolitan area, I would reconsider.