Is it normal to not receive a box with a Prada bag?

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  1. Hi all,

    I just received my Prada crossbody camera bag from Farfetch and although I received a dustbag and authenticity cards, there was no outer packaging such as a box for if I ever resell. I'm not sure if it is Farfetch or Prada who decide this. Has anyone else not received a box?

  2. It's more unusual to actually get a box with a Prada bag.
  3. Lol thanks! That’s quite disappointing that they don’t supply boxes!
  4. I recently ordered my first Prada Bag from Nordstrom and I got a black Prada box (inside a cardboard box, inside another cardboard box) along with a dust bag for the actual bag
  5. I ordered the basket style bag last year and got a cardboard box that’s not very nice compared to other luxury brands.
  6. It's not impossible. Just unusual.
  7. Just purchased a Prada from Sak’s, and there was no box. But I’m fine with that - takes up too much room and I have no space.
  8. No idea how many Prada bags I own at this point, but the only Prada boxes I have are for shoes. For 15 years I bought Prada exclusively at Neiman Marcus and only got dust bags.
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  9. You have to ask for a box! I got it in person at Neiman Marcus and I was shocked to see only a dust bag so I asked for a Prada box! Guess that's the difference between buying from big box retailers and directly from Prada
  10. I've bought multiple bags from the Prada store itself and as far as I've seen, I've only gotten a box for one of them. They're the one designer that just doesn't give boxes for some reason...
  11. I've purchased several Prada bags, mostly from NM, and always got the box that went with the bag (with the bag description on it). However, it's been several years..