Is it normal to have these natural marking on the leather?

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2011
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
    I just wanted to seek some opinion on this. I saw this small nude phantom and I noticed a few long vertical natural marking on the leather. Is this normal? Does yours have it? Would you purchase this with this kind of marking? Thank you very much.

  2. I have noticed something similar but much less significant on my midnight blue phantom. these crease like thingys appeared at the bottom of the wings on my bag. But a few massages on the leather make them go away. try that, but i am not sure if it works the same on light colored leather
  3. I have seen this nude phantom and gray one with orange trim in the store. They both have the similar scratches on the leather. On the gray one, it even had the oil-stain or water stain like spot on the front and back. The leather used on the phantom is less smooth like calf used on the mini luggage, the leather on the phantom is more oily and suede-ish feel, so those scratches are ineveitable , but the water stain could be permanent and too obvious on phantom leather. I have a croc stamp phantom, the leather is the same texture like mini luggage.
    That is the main reason I passed the grey phantom with orange trim even though it is too gorgeous to let go.
  4. Thank you for pitching in. I decided to pass this too because of the marking because it seems to be quite obvious especially on the lighter color phantom. Also I noticed an indentation on the right bottom corner of the bag due to storage maybe?? I love this but I just wish to get a perfect one and not one with the markings.
  5. i've just had a closer look at my tricolour mini (the main body of the bag is navy), and i've noticed marks like that too. my black shoulder shopper however doesn't have any of these marks.
  6. I can see similar marks on my taupe phantom,but not on my blue phantom and black mini luggage.
  7. This is another owner's nude phantom with natural marking on the bottom. This one looks pretty bad. Is it the color or the leather? It seems like most lighter color has this problem.

  8. It's perfectly normal and is the nature of the leather used for the light coloured Phantoms! :tup: