Is it normal to feel this way?

  1. Well it's my birthday in less than four hours and I'm sitting here sniffling, eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself. I feel like I've wasted my childhood. All my life I've been serious and exist only to work or study.

    If I could be 14 again I'd go to all those parties and have as many silly teenage romances as I could. I feel like I'm looking into a cavern and seeing nothing but impending maturity and boredom. I've been boring all my life and now that it's actually time to start thinking of the future (saving for a house etc) I'm freaking out because I haven't 'lived' enough for it to be different when I settle down!

    I find myself analyzing each potential man and asking myself "can I see myself with him in the longrun, what are his ambitions etc" and I absolutely hate it!! I see those high school kids in the city or on the train and I wish I could do things for the sake of fun not future. I wish I was 17 again so I could hook up with a cute guy who plays guitar and skip school to go shopping for the latest teenage trend but instead I'm surrounded by career minded mature guys and friends who talk about marriage. :crybaby:

    I know this is a trivial problem but it makes me feel bad :sad: If anyone's gone through something similar please give me some advice on dealing with my stupid quarter life crisis! :sweatdrop:
  2. me 2!!!!!!!!! its my birthday in 2 weeks and all of my friends are getting married buying houses and stuff and im still at university. sometimes i think why? i could have just got a job straight away and be living with my SO now instead of being a broke student.
  3. I understand cherry pie but everyone's life is different. I hate studying too btw, I don't understand those people who go for 6 yrs plus in university :yucky: I just remind myself each day spent in uni is one less further to graduation! My friend got married early this year and now all she talks about is how she loves cleaning :confused1:
  4. First of all, HAPPY B-DAY miss_fleur. I can't say I am happy with mine either at the moment. Been very confused lately about a whole lot of different stuffs when I am not even sure about what I want. Well, if you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me. I am in melbourne too, btw.
  5. :dothewave:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :party:

    I'm the same way...i've always been mature, focused, and have developed a set of values that make my lifestyle seem "right" .. i mean it's good that you''re focused, and working hard...etc.

    I do believe that i never had/ don't have nearly as much fun as i can.. but...that's the way my life is.. i do regret it sometimes...but the choices i made in the past all add up to who i am now...and i'm proud of myself, and the path i'm on.

    Once this chapter of my life's over...i'll make sure i have a whole lot more fun...especially since i'll be able to afford it hoepfully!

    So cheer up!!! you'll be fine!! you'll never "run out of fun".. each stage in life has elements that make it really amazing!
  6. Happy birthday!!

    Well, at least you'rehaving a quarter life crisis and not a midlife crisis, which means you have three quarters of your life to do all the sily fun things you like to do, not like us poor middle aged people who only have half their lives left!

    Cheer up! Different things happen at different times in your life, and as a previous poster said, you never run out of fun..the type of fun changes, that's all that happens!
  7. Thanks for the kind words and bday wishes everyone. Everyone is such a sweetheart *hugs* I agree with that it's only the type of fun that changes, but unfortunately the type of fun I want is already inaccessible to me. Cocktail parties and work outings just don't cut it for me. I think I'm just afraid of growing up :sad:
  8. happy birthday girl! you gotta find a way to relieve all that anxiety you've created for yourself! just because you are older doesn't mean you can't have fun. your definition of fun just needs some fine tuning. Don't define fun as what teenagers do - thats amatuer hour! Find things you like to do that don't require you to be so regimented, like some outdoor activity or club with like minded people. Do something you would NEVER do (provided its safe and legal!). Challenge yourself. You def have the brains. You just need to light a fire under your own bottom! By yourself a big chocolate cake, some beautiful flowers and make yourself a relaxing bath with candles and music. Pamper yourself the way you want to be pampered. Be your own best buddy. Some guy is out there right now wondering where you are!
  9. Consider taking a year or so off from school or whatever you're doing, if you have any money saved up, or assets you could liquidate to finance it, and go and have yourself a youth.

    If you can't do that, then just bloom where you're planted. If you want to go to parties, go!

    It is never too late to follow dreams, and the dreams do not have to be lofty or sensible. As long as you stay safe, and don't do anything illegal, you can do anything you want to.

    You will be surprised just how wild and crazy and frivolous you can be without burning your bridges or ruining your life or being irresponsible.

    It sounds like you are simply not having fun, and the only way that you can correct that is to begin having some immediately!
  10. I've felt this way near my bdays before too. I just kinda talked it over with my bff to vent and I made sure I had fun on my bday. Besides, there's nothing wrong with being mature. At least you know you won't make mistakes you'll later regret (get pregnant, get into trouble with the law, etc.)
  11. happy bday :love:

    sometimes i fel this way too LOL
    but then i try to rememberes all the silliness i've done with my friends in the old days and although i wasn't a "naught naught" kid who had the most fun experiences, i did have fun :p

    and i'm not even into romance. i got my first bf in the end of college, can u believe that? :wtf:
    i wasn't liking the idea of this boyfriend and girlfriend thing. adn i wasn't dating lots of people too by then, i just feel like i'm not into romance.

    but now, i'm living my life to the fullest. i don't put too much barrier on my slef, i don't limited myself with only a few friends.

    i guess catching up what u missed from ur past might be a good idea, as long as u remembered that u're older than the age when u feel like u're supposed to having those experiences and u should be more responsible.

    hugs & kisses
  12. Happy Birthday :smile:..

    I feel that way too sometimes.. birthday and holiday season doesn't really help either :sad:

    I graduated from an ivy league school, i have a nice family, pretty good job, a full closet of bags.. but back during my teenager days- i never did miss a curfews, i studied hard.. pretty much follow the rules type of person.. and sometimes when i look back, boy!! do i wish i have broken those rules.. went to many high school parties..basically live for the moment..

    Last x'mas, i bumped into my high school sweetheart back home, he didn't make it to college, he is working as mechanic now, earn a decent living, married and have 2 lovely girls ( i was carrying one of my chanel bag and he said "nice bag, $200 bucks, u must be doing pretty well now).. For 2 whole months, my mind was filled with "what if" questions :sad:

    sometimes, in life, you just can't win i guess
  13. Yes, of course it's normal everyone wishes at one time or another what if I would have done this or that. But just because your older doesn't mean you can't let loose and do silly and immature things. There's nothing wrong with playing at tag at 25. Go to wild parties there has to be some 25 yr. olds who still do this. Get drunk and have a girlfriend take care of you, hold your hair back while you puke, and drive you home. Go on have fun!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Think of it this way, you're still, easily, young enough to do most of the silly, fun, things you've ever wanted to do; but, hopefully, also mature enough to know that some of those silly things are too risky to be attempted! :biggrin:

    Happy Birthday, BTW! :flowers:
  15. I think you should be proud of your accomplishments and take a stand that you have no regrets. What is stopping you from doing some of those fun things right now? Take a trip to Disney World/Land, or a local festival/fair. You are never too old! Cheer up. Be grateful for what you have, and your health. Things could always be much worse. Happy Birthday!