is it normal to experience this during pregnancy/after birth?

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  1. i noticed with my last pregnancy (i miscarried at 9 weeks, baby died), tt my feet grew & im now a size bigger than before...

    I also noticed that my hips have grown slightly wider..

    to sum it up, my entire body structure has expanded from this experience...

    is this normal?

    i ate as per normal (took prenatal vits) but gained 4kg over those few short weeks of pregnancy (it was very frightening for me as it seemed so abnormal).

    i have managed to lose the 4kg but i can tell from clothing fitting that i am no longer back at the same size i was before...

    my gynae said i prob absorbed too much of the nutrients & thus my bones have gone bigger (& feet grew bigger too)

    anyone here can feedback & share their views?
  2. I am sorry for your loss and hope that you are healing.
    My two miscarriages were earlier (6 wks and 7 weeks) and I hadn't gained any mass at that point. However, with my subsequent full-term pregnancy, I gained only 10.5 lbs - and lost 15.5 at delivery. Even with that, my shoe size did change (grew almost 1/2 size) and my waistline seems to be forever larger. Pregnancy does seem to alter the way our bodies distribute weight. And MANY women I know have mentioned their larger feet post-pregnancy. So that part does not seem abnormal.

    Has your doc checked factors like your metabolism (thyroid, sugar, etc.) to see if anything was not normal with your baselines before you got pregnant? The rapid weight gain might be worth investigating - on the chance that something biochemical was going on that lowered the chances of a healthy full term pregnancy. best of luck...
  3. Hi bbbochap--

    I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are okay.

    I gained 38 pounds with baby #1 and 9 pounds with baby #2 (born almost 6months ago). I have since lost the weight and then some but my feet are still a size bigger than they were prior to having my 1st child. My fingers went back to their pre-baby size (they were 1.5 sizes bigger during my pregnancy times) and the weirdest thing is that although I still have my "mommy pouch" my hips and butt are much, much smaller than they have ever been in my life.

    So yes, my body structure is all a crazy mess and from what I hear from others it takes awhile for your body to get back to "normal" if it does so at all. Hope this helps somewhat.
  4. I haven't had the baby yet, so can't address the bouncing back part, but I'm at 34 weeks now and my feet have just barely started to grow. I think it might be water retention more than actual growing, or just my extra weight flattening them out!! I can still fit most of my shoes, but I pulled out a pair of Jimmy Choos yesterday, tried them on, and was like "those are going to pinch." Had to switch to suede since it would stretch out more. There was a cute thread on the foot issue a while back too, if you dig around for it a bit.
  5. thanks ladies for your replies. it was quite a traumatising & devastating time then but im feeling much better nowadays (though it has left a rather bad fear in me now if i can ever achieve a healthy pregnancy in my next go)

    i have suspected thyroid at one point (way before pregnancy) but i did a check with the doc & he said it was negative...

    im not sure what is going on with my body here but it is sure a frightening thought abt how i can maintain a healthy weight gain, since i am trying to conceive again right now...

    another question in mind -

    did you guys remove your dogs during pregnancy? i have 2 doggies (small ones) & i love them to death (they sleep with me every night)

    as my gynae pushed the blame to my dogs in my last miscarriage - saying that i might have caught some bacteria from my dogs (i cant remember the name now), thus causing the death of my baby. (note: this was all speculative, there was no test done on foetus after my d/c)

    i just dont like how it sounded when my gynae just simply pushed the blame to my dogs. my dogs do not go out of the hse often, they are home-based most days.

    i was very upset as he knew from day 1 that my dogs were very close to me - however, he did not suggest for me to do any test prior or during my short term of pregnancy as he later claimed that such detection tests are only done at 2nd trimester.

    feedback anyone? TIA! :biggrin:
  6. Bbbochap--I've only heard about the dangers of cats during pregnancy, not dogs. My Jack Russell Terrier slept at my stomach every single night with my first pregnancy. My daughter is totally not afraid of dogs and I attest that to the fact that she basically slept next to the dog for 9 months. I am interested to know if anyone else knows about the dangers of dogs and pregnancy.
  7. Hi bbbochap, I actually had a similar experience to yours. I've had 4 pregnancies - just gave birth 3 months ago to a healthy baby girl - and on my 3rd I miscarried at 12 weeks. My body felt very different during that 3rd pregnancy - My hips widened early, I gained weight early, and just felt "strange" overall. I was very traumatized but not completely suprised when I lost the baby. Somehow I felt there was something wrong from the beginning.

    I was pretty terrified going into my 4th pregnancy, and very happy that we now have a lovely baby girl. I feel for you - your fears are completely normal! But that doesn't mean you won't succeed at the next attempt:smile:

    As for the dogs, I've never heard that one before...
  8. I would find a new OB asap.. Even if he/she is an excellent Dr, medically speaking.
    To ease your fears, maybe instead you could see an ob who specializes in fertility.. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with your body. Just maybe someone who deals with loss much more and would be more understanding.. They can also run some tests to ease your mind, and give you some kind of reassuring to-do's to help you get ready to conceive when/if you decide you're ready.

    I haven't ever heard that about dogs either. Are they indoor dogs? Or are they like out eating dead varmin on the farm and coming home to licking your face??? Lol. I'm sorry.. but I wouldn't buy that for a second. (I'm guessing your dogs are indoors and over-loved since they are sleeping in your bed every night!!!) For that Dr. to put any of the blame on you.. as if you aren't already questioning everything you have and haven't done for the past 9 weeks. I'm so sorry.

    As to answer your original question.. my feet grew about a half size.. I thought it was just swelling.. but my pre-preg shoes are all a little snug now. :sad: My hips are wider too.. but that just makes me look skinnier from the side.. (at least I like to think so anyway!)

    You may also want to post on the trying to conceive.. those women are incredibly strong and have been through a whole lot and could definately give you some support/encouragement/insight.
  9. thanks gals for your feedback (sorry i didnt check back on this section past few days)

    i am very relieved to hear from personal experiences that dogs are ok - i read so much online trying to find out more abt dogs & never read anything that said it wld harm the pregnancy...

    so when it came from my gynae, i wasnt very pleased.

    & yes, i have stopped visiting that gynae - it was just too painful (too much anger) with this OB - though it wasnt strictly his fault but i just lost my trust in him.

    once again, thanks so much gals :biggrin:
  10. My feet didn't grow with either of my pregnancies, but my shoulders got a bit wider. My hips went back to normal after DD, and are almost there with DS.

    I gained 50 pounds with DD, and 23 with DS. I have almost lost all of the baby weight from DS.

    I am so sorry for your loss. My mom said her feet grew. My rings didn't fit for months after DD was born. I think it takes a while for the body to get back to normal.
  11. <My feet expanded from a size 9 before having kids to a size 10 now and my youngest is already 4 yrs old.