is it normal or I'm too sensitive if...

  1. an eBayer asked question about my past auction from my recently auction "ask seller question" page ( it's ok for me ). She asked if I still have the bag on my past auction, mmm, called it as "Pink Bag".

    After I said yes, still avalaible then she asked for the best price. I told her and she kept asking me but for another bag that has sold!

    I told her that's has sold then she kept asking me but for another bag again, the bag that I even never listed, mmm, called it as "Cream Bag". I answered yes, I've it but for re-sell it, I'll ask $1250 since it's nearly even like new but frankly, I'm not planning to re-sell it yet since I paid over $2500 for that bag a few years ago ( using my mommy's eBay acc ).

    Finally, she told me that my "Pink Bag" looks old and she want my "Cream Bag" for $900 :confused1: I even didn't plan to sell it.

    The one thing make me didn't understand her, why she even waste her time to asked me for "Pink Bag" that she's saw on my auction a few weeks ago ( I've not re-list yet ) if she think it's "old" and she doesn't like it! :confused1: even why asked for best price if finally she offence me with saying my bag looks bad & doesn't like it?

    I mean, if I'm not interest with a bag, I'll just skip it and won't bother seller with my "dumb" question then offence my seller :shrugs:

    Have you ever get the similiar experience?
  2. The whole thing just sounds weird to me.

    If you dont want to sell anything to her, just tell her "Its not for sale". And if she keeps bugging you, then block her. Though I dont know how to block people LOL I just read about others doing it!

    I wouldnt waste any more time on her.
  3. Yeah, this Ebayer sounds like trouble. I'd block her just in case she decides to win one of your auctions and then decide that your bag was too dirty, old, whatever and demands a refund. If they are being this pestering and making lowball deals and comments before they even buy, imagine what they'd be like afterwards!
  4. Yes, I'll block her. Just imagine, bargain my $2500 bag for $900?? I told her to check the other sellers, they're selling for $1500 and the lower cond. than mine selling for $800-900. I told her this fact not to persuade her to buy mine coz I'm not planning to sell mine but just wanna show her how unreasonable her offer.

    You know what answered me?
    Her msg below:
    [/B]Hahaha, so funny, why have to say good luck while I even not planning to sell it? The worse, she may think she's better coz she's in USA but infact, she's from Asia even come from the country which is so many faker , so sad ppl can jugde the other by the feedback score & location.

    I've 40 positive feedback, from buying activity. It mean, if I'm an active user on eBay even major of my purchases are mid to high-end items, I don't see the reason for ppl not to trust me.

    This person is so sad
  5. :yes: :rant:
  6. Block her and forget about it. Another eBay lunatic.
  7. And that my friends is what we call a "nut job".

  8. Ignore the idiots. There are a million of them on eBay.
  9. How do you block people?
  10. I agree, just block them and ignore.
  11. there are such irritating buyers that pop up once in a while. I'm usually ok if they ask nicely whether you can do a better price and do some bargaining. But they do irk me when they start to get rude. That's when I ignore them, I do have the right to choose who I want to sell to.

    lvgodiva, just block her and ignore her.
  12. OMG, how annoying! She sounds like a real whackadoo!
  13. block her
  14. Yes, yes, I've blocked her but it's totally nightmare she's my email address.

    She emailed me:


    [/I][/COLOR]Dunno if she's "wall face" or has no sense BUT after accuse me, now she wanna request my bag?? O-o, just forget to purchase from me, dear, you're so sad person I ever met.

    After accuse ppl ( yes, she did it, not other ppl, but she's ), she said she didn't but other ppl did :confused1:

    It's her trick to get amazing bag in lowest price in the world? More than steal?
    Trying to bargain from "minim feedback, non-USA & can't take PayPal" like she said-seller? Totally sad person...

    Dunno why this person is so mad at me!
  15. Please refrain from posting personal information(ID, NAMES etc...) regarding your personal transactions on eBay.