Is it normal or a defect?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I posted this question on other thread before but didn't get any answer. Hope you don't mind I post it as a new thread here.

    I bought a red classic 14c caviar m/l and found that there's wrinkle inside the front pocket (as attached picture). I'm wondering if anyone who have the same bag find same problem like mine. I compared it with other m/l i own (black caviar bought in 2010). There's no wrinkle inside the black one. Not sure whether wrinkle in the red 14c is a defect or it's normal for this collection. I don't see anyone mention about this before. Is it only a defect on this bag I got? Should I return it?

    Please help!
    Thank you!

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  2. Hi there, I purchased a black lambskin jumbo about a year ago and there was a wrinkle on the inside as well. I don't believe it's normal because my other lambskin jumbo doesn't have one, but I waited so long for my jumbo at the time that I just kept it. I don't believe that for the price you pay for these bags there should be defects like this, but mines had the same wrinkle unfortunately. Hope this helps :smile:
  3. Thank you, Lvprincess87! I agree with you, with this price it shouldn't be defect. I'm going to bring it in to my local boutique. If they can get me new one, that would be great. But, I'm afraid that this 14c red are all sold out. I love this red so much and it will be hard to let it go.
  4. I think Chanel will fix it for you for free if it is a defect. Unless its due to wear, then they will charge you. I have the black one for over 3 years, and there isn't a wrinkle. So I think you should get Chanel to help you with it.
  5. I just received my jumbo classic and I have the same problem as yours. The base and the side linings are loose and wrinkled too! Did you return your bag?