Is it normal for YSL bag's leather & hardware to become more shiny over time?

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to YSL but from the pics I see from various websites, its leather and hardware should be matte but the bag I'm thinking to buy second hand looks a bit shiny for both leather and hardware. It makes me unsure if this is normal for YSL or it is a replica. I already posted it in the Authenticate this YSL thread but seems like no one answers in that thread for some time so I think I would try authenticate it myself but I stuck on this point. The first pic is the bag I would like to buy and the second pic is the real one from an official site.
    IMG_5878.jpg IMG_5880.jpg
  2. The hardware looks shiny (polished) in the stock photo. You can tell where the hardware has edges that bend light. Matte/brushed gold hardware wouldn't show those dark reflections the same way as in the stock photo you provided.

    This doesn't mean that the bag is authentic. I'm merely pointing out that the hardware looks polished in the stock photo.
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  3. I have this bag and the hardware is quite shiny.
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  4. Thanks for the response. I got the bag and submitted photos to a professional authenticator to evaluate. Keeping my fingers crossed! :doh: