Is it normal for the medium Paddingtons to be slightly different in size?

  1. I have a whiskey paddie, but purchased the NAP brun/tobacco one and it's definitely slightly smaller in width. It seems squarer to me.

    I know it's a small, nit-picky thing, but I'm curious if these slight size differences occur between the colors.
  2. hmm... there seems to be a few problems with these NAP paddys. I hope mine is okay. This was my first purchase from NAP so I'm not familiar with their services. Is there anyway they could be selling seconds or fakes at all?
  3. NAP sells fabulous authentic merchandise, so no chance it's a fake.

    However, the size difference seems odd for sure!

    Can you post pics of the comparo between the two bags???

  4. Leather stretches... different pieces coming from different cows and different locations on the cow, as well as different dye treatments would stretch the leather differently. Perhaps the tobacco has stiffer leather, and it is also new. Your whiskey could be softer, and would definitely stretch with use. NAP is authorized by Chloe, why would they sell fakes?
  5. i just compared my aubergine with the sable (from 05) today, and it's 1/3" smaller.... the leather on the sable's not as pebbly though, and may have stretched slightly with use?
  6. I definitely trust NAP, so there was no doubt about authenticity. No cause for alarm there. I just don't have much experience with the other colors of Paddingtons. But I tend to notice even the smallest details. I showed other people in my househould and they said the size difference was not noticeable to the eye.
  7. I agree -- I think it is because the leather is still a bit stiff, I noticed my aubergine paddy's straps are a fraction shorter. The leather is still quite smooshy by itself, but when I compare it with an older one, I notice the difference in terms of smooshy-ness!
  8. Well Chloe leather definitely can stretch some with use. Maybe your whiskey has stretched out a little bit?