Is it normal for the leather handles to do this...?

  1. Hello everyone.
    I've had my Mono Speedy 30 for about 2 weeks now. I've been using it everyday for the past 2 weeks, but not for long periods of time, that is until this weekend. This weekend I was shopping and walking around a lot with my speedy, caring it a lot.

    So, today I was looking it over and I noticed that the handles were looking worn already. Almost like the leather on the handles were snagging. Is this normal? I am normally very good with my purses and I never have a problem keeping them looking nice, but this is worrying me.

    If only after 2 weeks of carrying my bag and the handles are already looking this way, should I worry, or is this an inevitable thing that happens to this kind of leather on the handles? Should I treat the leather with something, or will the leather, over time, smooth out and harden?

    I understand that bags will show signs of wear no matter what, but it's only been two weeks and it's worrying me. I spent a lot of money on a handbag that I am hoping will last me for years and years to come.

    Here are some pictures.

    Edit to say: I do not were rings on my hands, so my hands alone did this to the handles.
    IMG_1264.jpg IMG_1268.jpg IMG_1269.jpg
  2. Hmmm...when you carry it do you let one handle sit on top of the other?
  3. It's possible that that happens at time, but I really don't think so.
  4. I just had a look on my handles and it doesn't look like that. Your handles look lumpy? Idk, I hope it's not another LV defect :sad:
  5. Oh no. What should I do? It hasn't even been 30 days. Should / Could I exchange it? I love LV, but this isn't a good sign or start to my LV collection. I hear about all of these defects and problems, now I'm really worried....:sad:
  6. Hmm, strange thought but do your hands sweat when you hold your handles? Maybe that helps the leather get softer and get pits? :confused1:
  7. Well, let's see what others have to say on this forum about the handles. There may be others who have had a similar condition with the handles, but I think if you are really worried about the handles, definitely take it back to the boutique and see what they have to say :yes:

    Good luck :flowers:
  8. Neptune-I have noticed that slightly on the handle of my Speedy 35
  9. Did you apply any hand lotion before you shopped with your bag? Maybe something like that could have done it to the leather. I would definitely get it looked at before 30 days is up. I would not put anything at all on it. Did anybody else hold your bag for you? Maybe they had something on their hands as well. Until your handles get patina, you kind of have to baby them a little bit. Cheer up, it will all work out. Just be sure you get it looked at soon.:smile:
  10. My hands can sweat. I know when I was walking around the mall this weekend they were most likely sweating a bit, but I've had other leather bags, with leather handles and I've never had this happen to them before.

    Is it normal for the leather on the LV handles to be so soft? I feel like even if I accidentally touched it with my fingernail it would get a huge scratch in it. It's very soft to the touch. Does this leather harden after a time?

    I had no lotion on and I had no one hold my bag...
  11. i think you should bring your back to LV and let them take a look at it. in the future, maybe you can try carrying your speedy on the crook of the arm?
  12. I think I will bring it back and see what they say. I hope this doesn't reflect the quality in all LV products...

    I could, but the problem is, it's a handbag that cost me almost $700 and I should be able to use the handles to carry it if I want to and not have to worry about the leather flaking off after only 2 weeks.... Ahhhh I'm so sad.:sad:
  13. ...have you ever had a bag that you loved so much? Spent so much on? Look at? Saved so much for? Obesessive over? I think it's just normal 'love' that your giving it, and that is just fine. It's supposed to look 'loved'. It's just hard to 'let go' of something that you have saved so long for and waited so long for! Lemme tell you, your gonna make a great momma!

    Besides, I don't see anything wrong from your pics. Just wear in good health. It is leather and it's a beautiful bag!

    Just keep up on the great threads on how to care for your LV and you'll be fine. But if history has it, you'll be searching for your next LV w/in a few days or so, at least a nice wallet or cles to go w/it..! Welcome to my private hell! But congrats on your purchase!
  14. I think the reason my bag did it is from my lotion
  15. it looks like it has been scratched by something.