Is it normal for Speedy handles to get so dark by where its hand-held?

  1. I've seen pictures of some Speedys where the area where it is handheld is much darker than the overall handle color. :yucky: I dont mind a patina as long as its not super darker where I hold it. Is this normal ir does this only happen when a Speedy is REALLY REALLY REALLY old?? I havent had any lv long enough to know. I hope mine wont get dark like that until ive had it for at least 10 years!
  2. I'm sorry, but didn't you ask this question in the Authenticate this! thread? A few people answered that question for you.
  3. Sorry, I'm still new to this site. It was posted here but moved so I could not find it. Thanks for the info.
  4. It's cool. We just like to keep things organized.:flowers:
  5. I'll answer quickly in case this was asked in the authenticate this thread........

    The leather on Speedy's, handle area, gets darker where the bag is carried due to dirty hands and lotion/products will oil in them on hands.
  6. Yes, it is normal.:yes: