Is it normal for shoulder strap to fray after days of use?

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  1. I just got this nylon backpack from Prada. After a few days of use, the inner sides of the shoulder straps start to fray, albeit being quite fine hairs starting to come loose. I've attached a few photos to show.

    Is this kind of thing expected? I used the backpack as per normal, did not run with it or overload the bag. Anyone with Tessuto Montagna or similar backpacks also had this issue when you first purchased the backpack? My other backpack (Samsonite) never had this issue!

    Appreciate any advice.. Thanks

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  2. Seems pretty normal for fabric straps, they tend to be pretty delicate and fluff over time.
  3. 444E87E9-94B4-4723-8B6F-DAB40C5F3653.png
    Hmm... But I just got this backpack less than 2 weeks. It's starting to get worse..
  4. Your second picture looks pretty bad for such a short amount of time. This is what my strap looks like after two years of daily use.

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  5. 7C489C0A-364B-444E-AA27-47CF5DA220BF.jpeg 7C66BAA6-8C92-4165-8BFD-F440AD6100E1.jpeg 7C66BAA6-8C92-4165-8BFD-F440AD6100E1.jpeg
    Wow.. May I know if your's is Made in Italy? You can find the 'made in label' in the inside pocket
  6. I'd exchange it since you should still be in the window for exchange or store credit.
    PS: Most of the stock nylon Prada items are made in China these days.
  7. Ok.. how long is the window period? Tyia!
  8. Is this the strap of your backpack or messenger bag?

    The things I carry normally in mine are a Lenovo laptop (about 3.58 pounds) with the charging adaptor, a small umbrella, and a water bottle. I'm thinking is it the weight of all these things that caused the shoulder straps to fluff and get worn out fast.

    I changed the whole backpack thinking it could be a manufacturing defect, but the 2nd one also had this same issue and it gets worse everytime i use it.

    Would hope if others who have just gotten their new backpacks and use it for work (means carrying a fair bit of stuff in it too) could post any pics of theirs..

    Appreciate it much!
  9. Messenger
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