Is it normal for my Jumbo's gold hardware to not be AS yellow as some?

  1. Okay so one of my favorite things about my Jumbo is the fact that the gold hardware seems a tad faded and not so yellow. I bought the bag at Neimans and it was all brand new and wrapped in everything in the box.

    Now my mother's best friend just told me that I should maybe wonder why the hardware color looks different than others. She had worked at Saks a few years ago and she said one time in the Gucci handbag department, a woman returned a fake bag and no SA noticed and they put it back in the stock room to sell again as new. They only realized it when someone re-bought it.

    I'm worried now my bag is not real! Hehe well not REALLY worried but she got me thinking!!! My Chanel bag has a strong leather smell. Do new Chanels have a distinct scent?
  2. oh i LOVE the smell of Chanel leather! it's distinctive and unique and yes, my older bags still have it. I personally hope the scent never goes away.
  3. Anyone? :sad:
  4. I am wondering if every bag is a little bit different...the silver jumbo that came today does not have these small imprinted lines in the CC's that the gold one has and the silver is also much more folded so it appears noticeably thinner from the side! I dont know maybe they just are not very consistant...