Is it normal for a real LV to have a strong chemical odor?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I recently purchased a used LV on ebay from authenitic_lvlady.The bag is nice and I think its real ( I havent had a chance to have it authenticated yet) but it has really strong chemical smell which was not disclosed at the time of bidding. At the sellers suggestion I wiped it down with alcohol and let it air out and it worked for a day or so, but now the odor has returned. Is there anything I can do? do you think this might be a sign that it is a fake? Have I been had?
  2. Which style is it? Did you post it in the AT thread? I've heard of this before with the Epi line because people used paint to touch up the corners. I bet if you posted in the LV thread you might get a little more help.
  3. I've had Epi and Canvas items so far and none of them smelled bad... they have a certain odor to them but it's nothing you notice if you don't put your head in the bag and inhale. Before you use alcohol or anything on it, check the LV subforum, espcially the threads about the vachetta trims... liquids might ruin the look of the leather forever. As for it being fake, you could post pictures (also in the LV subforum). Once you know if it's a fake or just a bag with some odor, you can decide how you're going to react. Good luck and keep us posted! :yes:
  4. Could this chemcial smell be a MOTHBALL smell? I have heard of complaints of the mothball smell coming from Asian re-sellers. Vile stench, for sure!
  5. Definitely post pics in the authenticate thread ~ also try stuffing it with dryer sheets or an old rag sprayed with Febreeze. I wouldn' t use any more alcohol as it can dry out the leather.
  6. get it authenticated. :yes:

    I am NOT a LV expert - but, all the LV's I have ever had (including 2 epi's) smelled great; a very distinct leather smell.

    Mothballs could cause a foul smell as was suggested by previous poster.
  7. I was just going to post the same thing. I have read this before, too, on the LV forum. I would do a search there and see what you find out. I have never had an LV with any bad smells either new or second-hand. Mothballs have a nasty smell, but I think there may be some info on how to get rid of it on the LV forum.
  8. Authentic lv lady uses mothballs in on near her bags. I highly doubt its a fake. I have ordered from her and the bags are fine just have a strong mothball smell.
  9. Wow. I can't believe she would suggest using alcohol? I would never suggest using that for any kind of handbag. That is way too harsh, IMO.

    I would go to the LV forum like others have suggested, and see what they recommend. They know their stuff over there!
  10. put the bag in a tub and fill the tub with cat litter. The regular clay kind and let it sit for about a week. Put some of the charcoal odor absorbers inside the bag. You can buy them at lowes type of stores. This should help get out the smell.
  11. I bought one from her and it really stinks. I return it as I doubt the authenticity as well. e.g. the hardware looks odd, bag is dented and obvious glue stains.
  12. honestly.. if there is a smell. have it authenticated right away.

    the really good lv fakes.. have that really harsh plastic smell. real bags never smell like chemicals.
  13. I can't imagine buying a bag that I would have to sit in a tub of kitty litter for a week :wtf: - authentic or not, that is not acceptable - I don't care who the seller is.
  14. Yes - please do authenticate (while I don't doubt the authenticity from this particular seller, it NEVER hurts to check).

    I strongly believe the "chemical" smell you are smelling is mothball, not the fakey new-bag smell.
  15. Cat Litter!! :wtf::nogood: