Is it normal for a LV to be this damaged after less than 2 years of use?

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  1. Background: I've had my Speedy B 30 for about 1 1/2 years, use it daily, and I don't exactly baby it, but I'm also not blatantly abusing it for no reason. After having it for this relatively short amount of time, I'm noticing a lot of damage. I've posted photos below for reference.

    The piping on the corners is rubbing off, the coated canvas on corners is also rubbing off and showing red, and the tarnish on the brass hardware is coming off. I paid close to $1500 for this bag and expected it to last much longer than this. Is there anything I can do to fix some of this? Is this all my fault? I'm confused because LV is known for its high quality craftsmanship and durability, which (along with the brand itself) is why it is so expensive. I feel like I wasted a large amount of money on bag that won't last and I'm a little upset.

    PS: I've already bought Melotonian leather conditioner with dye for the piping.






  2. I have this exact bag. Those holes in the canvas are disturbing. I don't know what you could have done to cause that damage. The piping I ca understand because it happens on all bags. But the canvas wear has me baffled.
  3. “I've had my Speedy B 30 for about 1 1/2 years, use it daily, and I don't exactly baby it”, yes, this is normal wear based on the info you provided. Daily non-careful use of anything for a year and a half will result in wear and tear. To prevent this from happening, you have to rotate use of your bags and take care of them. It doesn’t matter the quality or craftsmanship but a designer or non-designer handbag cannot withstand daily non-careful use for a year and a half. It is not indestructible. I’m unsure of the purpose of the leather conditioner but I wouldn’t use any product on this bag because there isn’t a product that will improve the overall condition.
  4. Corner wear is not just about bumping and scraping into walls, floors etc, most people put their hands on the corners or the sides to steady it as they walk. What we forget is that our body oils, sweat and various lotions we put on our skin can cause degradation of materials over time which is also a wear and tear factor. I wish my shoes would look as good after two years of use. It’s a handbag not a black box. :smile:
  5. I've read that Meltonian's conditioner can help re-dye the piping and protect it from further wear, but that might be incorrect. And I'm a college student and use this bag a lot so taking it back and forth to places on the daily has definitely caused a lot of the wear, but I'm also confused about the holes in the canvas which is why I wanted to post pictures. I guess I will use this as a (very expensive) lesson on taking care of future bags and not using them as much. Thank you so much for your insight!
  6. I’m surprised people are saying this is normal... I have five Speedies of various ages; my DE is about 10 years old and doesn’t look nearly this bad. Holes in the canvas shouldn’t be happening with normal use in 18 months.
  7. Daily use for 1.5yrs and she doesn’t baby her bag/college student using this bag a lot and taking it back and forth to places daily=normal.

    My oldest speedy is from 2005 and it’s immaculate compared to the OP. Granted, I don’t use it daily and I take care of my handbags.
  8. We’ll have to agree to disagree, my first Speedy was my daily college bag that got dragged to work at Subway and through the Florida summer rain on a campus bus and thrown on the floor at football games and the canvas doesn’t have a single rub spot on it (at 14 years old). I don’t take care of my bags in any way shape or form really, and my canvas has been indestructible. I have a keepall from the mid-90s that has been through god knows what without any issue. The hardware, yes, but the canvas, nope.

    I guess I just say this as someone who both owns tons of canvas pieces and doesn’t take care of their stuff at all :lol:
  9. That is why I am so confused! I'm not bringing it to football games or dragging it on the ground or letting my dog chew on it, so I'm a little confused as to how it is this bad.

    Maybe the newer canvas just is not as high quality as the old stuff? I thought that canvas was supposed to be very hardy and resistant to wear and tear like this, which is why I am very confused about how bad it looks. I don't even bring my bag to football games (though it definitely goes on the bus floor on campus) and it's so bad. Is new canvas really this bad of quality compared to old canvas? Should I buy an older canvas LV next time?
  10. I’ve always thought the New vs. Old canvas thing is a myth... my newest monogram bag is a couple years old but doesn’t seem any different from my oldies. But I could be wrong.
  11. I did too, but now I'm concerned since people seem to think this is normal for daily use (which is really disappointing considering how expensive it is). Honestly I'm just really frustrated because this is my first high-end bag and I thought it would last longer than this and be in better condition after only 2 years. :/
  12. There are other factors that need to be considered and a good one is how much friction the bag is exposed to when it rests against your body/is carried; if it sits around your hip then it will be exposed to almost non-stop rubbing up against your clothing when you're walking and this will lead to material fatigue. Depending on what you are wearing (coarseness of the fabric), how fast you are walking, what the temperature is outside, etc. there is also the chance that the friction can cause the canvas to heat up a little and, over time, contribute to weakening the material as well.
    Overall, this bag has been used and lovingly abused and it shows. Like anything else, whether it's jewellery, clothing, shoes, a vehicle, etc. if you use something everyday then it will show wear and tear regardless of how well it's made.
  13. I liken the condition of this bag to a 1.5yr old car that has 80k miles on it and the owner doesn’t understand why the car needs new tires, brakes, tune up, air filters, etc. Regardless of the age of the bag, it’s evident that quality and care was not a priority. I’m sure the OP has enjoyed carrying the bag and has a lot of stories to tell about all of the good times she’s had with it. Overuse and lack of care of any handbag will result in this type of wear. Unfortunately, the bag is beyond the scope of repair by LV.
  14. Am kind of surprised you are just noticing these things now. I clean the locks and brass on all my LV bags every two months or so to keep them looking pristine. I also check the leather trim on each and wipe the canvas down with a damp cloth and pat them dry. Granted I have a lot of bags so none are used every day like yours—it definitely seems like a lot of damage from your pictures. Hope LV has some repair suggestions for you.
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  15. I am sorry that your Speedy did not live up to your expectations. However, I don’t think all is lost, nor do I believe you made a mistake with your purchase.

    You have LOVED your bag for a year and a half—carrying it every day wherever you go. Not only did it bring you joy, but I am fairly certain you received a lot of compliments. The average person will not notice how well loved your bag is. They will see a LV bag they wished they owned. There is still a lot of life in your bag, especially if you give it breaks and clean and care for it. (You could have a cobbler/leather worker replace the worn piping at a not insignificant cost if you wish. It could extend the lifespan.) Even if you keep using it every day for now, that is fine, too. Someday you may need it for constant travel for work or pleasure. It will also be a good bag to take your niece, nephew, child to the park. You won’t mind carrying it on the subway or stuffing under the seat in front of you in a plane or rail car. It could even be a gym or lunch bag. The bag will not look pristine 10 years from now, but it will have made you happy and served its purpose beautifully. You will not be afraid of “ruining” the bag, so you will be free to use it whenever and however you wish.

    For future bags, consider your end use. How often you will carry? Where you will carry? What will it carry? What aesthetic do you want? Do you care more for form or function? You have learned from carrying your Speedy B that one bag cannot do all things well. Price and durability are important, but a higher price does not necessarily denote better durability. Drive the SA crazy, or if need be find another SA or 3. Ask questions here. If you want a bag to stay pristine, do not use it much and care for and store it methodically.

    As for me, I choose to use my bags. That is why I purchase them. I do not choose to have a handbag museum. I still get compliments on my beautiful older bags that are worn, and then I remember why I will keep them always. They were beautiful when I bought them. Now they are my beauties.