Is it normal for a brand new Jumbo to have the gold stamp on the bottom right side?

  1. My mother brought home a brand new Jumbo with gold h/w from Neimans. It's Made In France but I noticed that the CC clasp has the stamp on the bottom right. I thought only fake bags put the stamp on the bottom right.

    Is this a new change and is it ok? Should she keep this particular one or should I help her find one with the stamp in the normal upper left? The bag itself looks very nice. I noticed that it seems the Jumbos made in France are boxier looking and more structured. She also took home a silver h/w Jumbo to compare and that one, which is made in Italy, is very squishy and not so structured. It's also a tad smaller in size. Weird. Anyone else notice that?
  2. Starbrite Congrats on both jumbos!I think Kaka28 has got a made in France jumbo with the same downright markings-I'm not a 100% sure though!
    BTW we had several threads on the difference in quality between France and Italy made jumbos,being that the french ones are better ,so I don't think you should worry!
    (Ok I got it for you hehe!)

    and here's a close up of kaka's jumbo with the markings like yours :
    will it be easy for you to post a pic with both yours and your Mom's side by side ?TIA!
  3. yeah my made in italy is alot squishier - i wish i had a made in france one :S
  4. Ohhhh I returned my Jumbo a loooong time ago haha. I opted for the Medallion Tote instead cuz it was easier for me to use for everyday. But I do know that the Jumbo I had was squishy cuz it was Made in Italy. I love the shape of the one my mother got but the stamp marking bugs me. I just wish it was on the upper left side. Anyone else know if it's ok that it's on the bottom right?
  5. Anyone? :smile:
  6. Not sure if it's a new change or not, but my new Made in France Jumbo which I just received does not have the additional stamp on the clasp.
  7. I think if she bought from Neiman's, there should be no question about authenticity, right?
  8. If yours is Silver hardware then there will be no stamp.
  9. Yeah I know it just bugs me hehehe.
  10. Hey....... I just purchased the exact same jumbo classic flap caviar black with gold hardware last night at the Chanel store at south coast plaza and mine is also made in france with the stamp on the lower right side. I never knew that was a fake traite. Im sure its fine, they are authorized dealers at Neimans. Mine is the exact same way and i purchased directly from Chanel. Hope you feel better about your new bag now.
  11. ^ Yes I sure do thanks!!! I told my mother not to be concerned. And I just saw a post of another person who bought a new Jumbo Made In France and the stamping is in the same spot :tup:
  12. I think you're the only one who will notice. :yes: I don't mind if Chanel moves their stamp around.