Is it necessary to size down 1/2 size for flats?

  1. Is it practical to size down half a size when buying flats so they don't slip off the back of ones foot? Or would it just feel too tight and unbearable? What do all you ladies and gents normally do? Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. it depends on the brand, but i tend to wear my true size....i always try not to buy flats on the net and try them on indeed!!
  3. Thanks mischa! Do they usually slip off your foot when walking or is just me? :[
  4. hi there, I only downsize if I'm wearing open shoes, like strappies whatever their height. if something is a little too big, try putting an insole in, it helps keep shoes fresh & it keeps them on your feet!
  5. I take 1/2 size smaller for all loafers and flats. Seems to work best for me.
  6. It depends on the style of flats - pointy or round?

    Round flats - i tend to stick to my usual size unless they're slip ons (mules) in which case your foot can hang over the edge a little and not look unsightly and still be comfy.:yes:

    Pointy or closed flats, def stick to your usual size.

    IMO It's difficult to walk in flats if you're used to heels so the last thing you'd want to do is to squish your toes and cripple your feet.:flowers:
    At least if you buy a little on the big side you can get a heel grip to pop on the back of the shoe which should keep it in place (just don't walk too far!!) lol:biggrin:
  7. maxter do you have narrow/normal/wide feet? mine are wide :[ so hard to find perfectly fitting shoes.