Is it my computer or Purse Forum

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  1. I usually just leave myself logged in to Purse Forum since I am on here so much, but for the past few days if I go away for even a little while I am logged off when I come back.
    Anybody else experience this? Just thought I would check before I complain to the in-house IT department (DH).
  2. Happened to me once tonight. I also keep myself logged in normally. Actually now that think of it, the same thing happened on my other forum tonight too, how odd!
  3. hasn't happened to me.
  4. Nope. I'm logged in all the time without a problem.
  5. Maybe try clearing your cache and cookies, close the window, and open a new window, and see if that helps.
  6. This just happened to me and it has never happened before as im always logged into the forum and never log out.
  7. Weird. Today it finally let me stay logged in. Don't know why - I didn't do anything.