is it more cost effective buying a chanel at an airport vs. at the boutique?

  1. One of my patients asked me how long her mouth would be numb because she was planning to shop at the airport.:yes:

    When I asked her why there she replied "Honey I'm not made of money, but I know what I want and where to get it".

    I laughed but she didn't really anwser my question.. Is it better to buy at an airport? Whats the deal with that? TIA:flowers:
  2. Not that I am aware of unless she is shopping before or after an international flight and buys the bag in the duty free shop or when she arrives at her destination. Heathrow for example has a Chanel Boutique but with the horrible exchange, it is not a bargain. Spain is though. I saved close to 400.00 on an LV bag for my Mom.
  3. Good question- does anyone know which airports have boutiques? (of any brand, really). The only one I've ever seen was a Coach in Honolulu, which I found odd because I was coming from California and thought you only had access to them if on an international flight.
  4. I'm not sure actually, I was thinking JFK or something? Thats the airport I usually use. LOL I was so distracted, kept suctioning the side of her mouth.
  5. There is a Chanel boutique at the Hong Kong International Airport:

    Restricted Area: Departures East Hall (Level 6)
    Tel: 2261 2030 Opening Hours: 07:00 - 23:00

    There are also other major designers there such as:

    Bottega Veneta
    Christian Dior
    Ermenegildo Zegna
    Hugo Boss
    Ralph Lauren
    Salvatore Ferragamo

    HTH! :flowers:
  6. My friend called me from the LV boutique in Kuwait Airport and it was about $400 dollors cheaper .
  7. I was just in Kuwait airport but saw no designer boutiques just duty free, do you where the LV was?
  8. Maybe it was duty-free , that makes more sense . But she called and was telling me the prices of the murakamis and they were cheaper .
  9. Thanks for the great tip, I only wish I had more time there!
    I didn't even get a chance to check out Chanel :crybaby:

    Back to Blighty in two weeks though, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. There are ones in the San Fran Airport, the LAX, and in TPE. I've seen Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, things like that there. They're actually duty-free and a bit cheaper..Twillys are usually $115 but they were about $95 at the airports
  11. ooh wow! how about sydney's airport?
  12. Old thread, I know.. but wondering if anyone can tell me where to find the Chanels at LAX? I have a layover and what better way to spend the time LOL. TIA!
  13. For Hong Kong, it does not matter whether you purchase at the boutiques or at the airport for Chanel because....there is no sales tax in Hong Kong!!! :roflmfao:
  14. hong kong has a chanel boutique, and as ive heard, they have nice and accomodating SA's
  15. *bump* anyone know about LAX? ....