Is it me?

  1. Is it me who couldn't find it or is it that Burberry doesn't put size label on their jackets?

    I tried to find it on my Edenson and couldn't find it. The paper tag does have the information but not on the jacket itself.

  2. I just looked at all of my mom's and my jackets, and you're right some of them do not have size labels. The ones that did not have sizes are the regular quilted jackets (all 3 types: zipper, small snap button, and large button) and a zip-front denim jacket.

    The ones that do have size labels are a puffy ski jacket and a fleece-lined quilted jacket that has raccoon fur trim on the hood.

    I wonder why too?
  3. woah really? i never really noticed and I dont have mine's with me at the moment so I cant check but that's odd!!
  4. it's not on the quilted jackets (although, I've found one of my quilted jacket has a small size label in the pocket. They do have the size tags on the wool coats.