Is it me...

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  1. ....or is the Chloe paddington bag heavy? My back hurts, I kept switching the bag on my shoulders all day.
  2. Oh ellie- I am sorry your having paddy woes. I am one of the few that doesn't think it is terribly heavy. That is also because I don't put a ton in it- which I learned from schlepping my MJ Blake (which is very heavy) all the time. If you can, try to carry less in your paddy. I hope your back feels better!!!
  3. From what I hear, it does get easier! I hope it does so you can get lots of use from her:smile:

    Though, no pain, no gain...right?:confused1:
  4. I think it is a tad heavy but it is so pretty and I still :heart: it
  5. I have the same complaint with my Paddy. I take the padlock off sometimes and that makes a HUGE difference!
  6. Chloes are heavy. When I carry my Silverado I put next to nothing in it. Just a wallet and my keys.
  7. Sometimes being beautiful is a pain in the ass. I never bought the paddy for it's comfortable qualities... but the lock.. it was all about the lock for me :love:!!
  8. Nah, I don't think it's heavy. Although I don't really use my satchels anymore. Only my shoulder paddy.
  9. It's definitely heavier than the other bags that I use often (Balenciaga, Chanel), but I don't find it too heavy and I do carry lots of stuff around with me. Taking the padlock off really does help (especially with the 2005 paddies).:smile:
  10. Its o.k with just a few things in it but when I pile it full, it tends to feel pretty heavy.
  11. My husband pointed out to me how heavy the lock was, but I carry the same items in my fendi bag and it is not that heavy. I guess I will have to get use to it.
  12. my paddys heavy, it hurts my shoulder, so im constantly swaping shoulders, or carry it hooked over my arm. its well worth it though, i love it to bits:love: