Is it me??

  1. I have finally gotten a few items in my LV collection that I love and yesterday the arrival of a brand new Cerises Speedy that my mom bought me has made me totally change my mind on everything! :rolleyes:

    OMG I love this purse! I used to think the Cerises were a bit gaudy and just not for me but now I want ALL of it. Starting with the Cerises Keepall!

    I'm ready to sell everything in my LV collection along with many other collections I have put together over the years that now just sit in boxes in my closet (Llado, Dept 56 villages, etc.). I've already started selling!

    I just received a Damier bag last week that I have wanted for months... now I'm ready to let it go. :shrugs:

    IS it just me?? Am I nuts?? :nuts: Is it the thrill of the search and then once that is over, I'm ready to move on???
  2. ^ You're not alone... :lol:
  3. absolutely not...i wanted a damier koala FOREVER, I got it and was in love. Now that i have a koala agenda, i NEVER use my koala anymore...I'm ready to sell it. I wanted the geant messenger for travel (purse/diaperbag) and now I'm over that as well. All I want is a chelsea and a petit noe, and i think i'm through with bags, LOL.
  4. lol, it's not you. The hunt is the best part. Whenever I search and decide on what bag I want next (always quite the process!) I always get and think, "Okay I'll be set for a while." Wrong! the thrill is gone and I need more more more! :smile:
  5. I remember doing exactly this when I was obsessed with the cb line.
  6. I'm so with you ... my bf got me my first LV for my b-day this july (speedy 35) and since then I can't think about anything else but what bag to get next :angel: .... I'm constantly on here, on Ebay, at the LV boutique ... the hunt really is the best part :P
  7. The thrill of the hunt never ends? I´ll never be set?:wtf::wtf: I´m gonna be in so much trouble:lol:
  8. LOL! Thank God ya'll understand! :roflmfao: 'Cause nobody else in my house does! :rolleyes:

    That's what it is! The "thrill of the hunt" -- I think?

    I've never been this way over anything before... I lust after something and get it and continue to love it and don't want to part with it. Now, I want something soooo bad and as soon as it's mine I'm either ready to part ways for something else -- or even worse, looking to add more in addition to it.
  9. Hahaha...I'm in the minority here. It's you! :lol:
    I make calculated desicions. When I add a bag to my collection is b/c I'll love it today and tomorrow after I add another.

    I AM, however, like you when it comes to clothes ;)
  10. Yea, I do agree about the thrill of hunt is never ending... :P When you don't have it, you feel like you just HAVE to have it. But once you have it, you are yearning for another hunt or you'll feel empty... :P

    Oh, by the way, where did your mom manage to get you a brand new cerises speedy? I LOVE cerises speedy..!
  11. I agree - it never ends unfortunately:graucho:
  12. Im just like you - with all my bags and accesories! But of course there are favourites that I won't sell and there are ones I wanted soooo badly but 1 month into having it Im over it!
  13. Her best friend is a handbag/shoe nut and buys them like there is no tomorrow. Mainly Hermes. The friend decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff (she takes them to a resale shop - the kind where you need an appointment months beforehand to bring things in) and asked my mom if I'd be interested in any of her LV items.

    My mom -- who hates LV -- only bought the Cerises Speedy! :crybaby: My kitchen is black/green/red with a few select cherry accessories and she thought I might like this bag with cherries on it.

    Apparently she passed on about a half dozen other LV bags than she cannot even remember what they looked like. This was the only mono canvas one, too.

    So yeah! The bag is brand new! I got it for less than the original retail price. :wlae:
  14. Oh no! Don't sell all of your LV purses!! Nothing is as bad as remorse after selling something that you want again sometime down the road!
    My suggestion would be to focus on more classic LV designs that you won't get bored of. The trendier the purse, the more you're going to want to part with it. Hope this helps!!
  15. I worry about getting tired of trendy things, too. I'm so fickle. :shame:

    Think I might start selling off some of my collections - haha! Hubby will be happy to hear that. I used to buy 2 of everything -- 1 for me and 1 for my daughter for "one day."