is it me?

  1. is it me or does it seem really quiet on this chloe part of the forum lately?
    i come on here every day to see all those new threads and lately theres been hardly any.
    maybe everyones gone on holiday:tdown:
  2. I've noticed that too... I know many of the "old" and active chloe fans have moved on to other brands because they aren't keen on the latest chloes (by the new designer). I wonder if that affects? I'm still a huge chloe fan but I have to admit I'm preferring the older collections, the ones designed by Phoebe and Stella. And I've been eyeing chanels lately too!
  3. It's the addiction thing for me, I'm exploring other threads on this blog (mind bending when you actually peruse all the options). I am visiting with old Chloe pals in those venues and spending less money. That is my purse ban goal after-all!!!
  4. maybe that is the reason, i also have been slowly branching off into some of the other brands threads to see whats going on there, im a pddy fa more than anything and i love seeing what colours people have bought and whether they got a bargin. nut like you i am not overly keen on the new collection!
    i wonder if chloe have noticed????:confused1:
  5. I imagine the folks at Chloe are pondering what to do to keep the momentum going. Certainly the success of the clothing line has shored them up but there is far more money to be made with the bags. I have seen very little highlighting of the new Chloe purses in the heavy catalogues from Saks, Neiman's and the like - which is alarming. I love the fashion savviness and originality of this brand as has been exhibited in the past and I want to keep identifying with it but the odds of this are looking grimmer.
  6. Yea I hope they do notice it at chloe, I really hope Phoebe would come back some day! :queen: She created the loveliest bags ever in my opinion; paddys, silverados... :love:
  7. there is definately a change in quality i think, i dont think you can beat the paddys and silverados and even the edith.
    the new bags around at the moment have nothing special about them, i like the bags with the small padlocks but i feel that this is just a copy of the original paddy!
  8. I defected to Balenciaga several months ago:sweatdrop:

    The bags are lightweight, gorgeous colors, and stunning leather, with exciting new bags popping up around eveyr corner. Hard to resist :supacool:

  9. Me too, I have to admit it :yes:
    I don't really like the new Chloè collection, and I keep drooling while looking at the new finds of the Balenciaga gals.:drool:
    Lately, I also started to be interested by BV.
    Yes, I hope Chloè will understand that's not the right path to follow.
  10. this is where i thought some o the chloe girls have gone, i just cant get into Balenciaga bags, i feel that they look cheap and have really thin leather!
    i love the colours they come in though, i had a whitish one but never took to it!
  11. It's definitely more quiet around here. I miss the chatter and the "old" people. :sad:

    We don't seem to get into the same discussions as the other designer subforums.
  12. I love the bright colours! But I can't get into the designs. :shrugs:

    Chanel on the other hand is TDF! :love: I know that's where SS went!
  13. Oh no babi! Not you too! Haven't seen you much either! :sad:

  14. I think you'll find someone else has gone there too ;)
  15. Hehe... I don't blame you. I can't keep my eyes off that cabas! :drool: