Is it me....

  1. Last week i went into the LV store to look and decide what my next purchase
    would be. When i walked in i went to the counter to look at the wallets.
    Then i went around the store and looked some more. The whole time i was
    in there no one said a word to me not even hello.! It was only me and this
    other girl who looked about my age. She came up to me and said is it me
    or they ignoring us? Then a older woman walked in and 3 SA said hello and
    one walked up to her to help her! Me and the other girl just left and she said
    to me she gets that alot and she thinks its because we look young and they
    think we wont buy anything. What do you think??
  2. I think sometimes SAs debate on whether you want to be "bothered" or not. Sometimes they're overbearing and follow you all around the store, others act like the ones you encountered and are just there if you need them, but don't really bother with greetings. I think it's hard to find a happy medium sometimes..I'm not saying I agree with their tactics but I know when I go into a store, sometimes I'd just rather be left alone until I'd like to look at something closer or actually buy something.
  3. ^ i agree i think it's hard to find thta happy medium between the fu your not gonna buy anything and do you need help in wiping your tush today(sorry I work with two years olds, you know what I mean ;))
  4. If you need something, make eye contact, smile and say hello first. Just be initiative and most SAs will definitely be responsive :yes:
  5. There was a past thread about this. Personally, I don't want a SA all up my ass, especially if I'm only at the boutique trying to get an idea about a style or piece I might buy in the future. It's too reminiscent of being followed around like a potential shoplifter. If I have questions or am shopping with the specific intent of making a purchase, I'd let a SA know.
  6. that has never happened to me .... maybe its because im tall, and i always bring another lv with me, so they know i have bought things.
  7. I know the SAs in both my stores here, so I don't really get that at all. But I would have thought you should at least get a quick hello.
  8. Yeah, you should've at least gotten a "Hello!"

    This hasn't happened to me before though.
  9. Seeing how I got carded for a PG 13 movie last year, when legally I've been able to see R movies for qutie some time, I understand where you are coming from. But once you show that you are there to make a purchase, not to window shop, they will come to you. Like today, it was me and these two older women, both with thick fur coats, the works, and I came in with sweat pants and an old north face fleece, and one of the SAs from my last visit recognized me, passed the two older women, and went straight to me, and walked me through everything, encouraging me to wait and go online to check something out, and then to come back, or to go to the bigger store. I saw one of the ladies was shocked at this. But this other SA who was much like the ones you dealed with didn't give me a second look and helped them instead. So I think he knows that I'm an addict and can't just window shop, so he treats me well.
  10. They should greet you at least when you got inside! Even my kids got a hello when they entered LV store here in Manila.
  11. ITA. :yes: I've worked in retail and have gotten yelled at (by the customer) for greeting them within the first minute they walk in. I've also gotten yelled at (again, by angry customers) for not greeting them. It's hard.
  12. That happens a lot to me too. I'm 18 but I look younger, so I guess they just assume that I'm not going to buy anything. I was actually in Charlotte last weekend, and so I decided I would go to LV. There was one other person in the store and like 5 SAs and they didnt even acknowledge that I walked into the store. So I walked up to one that sold me my cles last time and was like "Do you have any groom key rings?" She then showed me the cles and I told her that I already had that. So I told her again "It's a keychain with the groom on it." She then shows me a mono keyholder and says "We did not make this with the groom on it." I was like "No! It's a big piece of leather with the groom stamped on it and like the name implies, you hang it on your keys!" She then tells me four times that what I was describing was never made! So I told her, "No, it was made bc I have seen it in this store before" Then she tells me that what I saw was obviously fake! I was sooo mad bc I know she knew what I was talking about bc she has been working in there for at least a year. Anyway, I just left and went and spent my money at Burberry
  13. I have the opposite problem- SA's following me around when I'm just trying to browse. When I go in to my usual store I also generally ask for the manager first thing, who knows me as a repeat customer- saves a lot of crap :nuts:
  14. :wtf: EEEK what kind of SA is this!? I'd definitely ask for manager to assist me b/c it's obvious the SA does not know their products!:yucky:

    :back2topic: I am sorry the SAs are treating you that way. I used to work retail/clothing company and was told Always acknowledge customer as they enter, let them know you will be of assistance if they need any. I then adjust conversation/contacts base on their response. But to totally bluff customer off base on 1st impression is a big no no, especially from LV!:sad:

  15. There are some SA's who are not very familiar with ALL the products LV has. There are nice SA's and again there are some who aren't. Sorry this happened to you. :sad: but these things shouldn't happen.

    I just tell them I saw a particular item online.