Is it me today??

  1. I want to buy some Crest White Strips and found a website called that has them for a really good price and free shipping.

    I am a little leery of putting my debit card number into a website that is not a big corporate one-so, i called the phone number listed. I asked the man if I could place an order over the phone, he said it was better if I did it online, I told him my dilemna to which he replied "but you don't mind giving it to a stranger over the phone?".

    My reply? "Well, yes, you make a good point there, I will go find another company to give my business to"

    is it me ?
  2. that is really strange....i wouldnt do business with them either.
  3. Credit cards are protected but debit cards are not. You can tell if you are on a secure website if the check out area where you put your credit info is a https. If not dont do the transaction. I think the guy sounded like an jerk. I wouldnt order from them!
  4. NO its not you but , it is just the same take the chance. But it seems more comfortable, doing a transaction , with an actual person
  5. Not at all - its your choice and he didn't seem to want to go out of his way to get the sale! If I get a bad vibe about anything I trust my instinct!
  6. You were being totally fine. He was being a total jerk.
  7. I ordered something from a vitamin company that had something weird like that. It was a perfectly reputable, but very small, company, and I had no problems.

    I'm more concerned about your wanting to buy Crest White Strips. Although they do work, they only bleach the front 6 teeth, so that when you smile wide or talk, people can see the yellow (sometimes really yellow) teeth behind them. Whatever product you get, make sure it has carbamide peroxide, NOT hydrogen peroxide, because hp just doesn't work. Also, not everyone's teeth will bleach, so it wouldn't hurt to buy a cheaper product (like Crest White Strips) first, and use it to test your teeth. Then, to get a really good bleach job, you want trays molded to fit your teeth. You'll have to look around for a product that will let you do this. Or, go to a dentist and spend more, but get great results. (I worked for a dental office for several years.) The initial cost of having the dentist make trays will be the most expensive part; the bleach itself is fairly inexpensive. Also, your dental office has had the experience of trying out several different kinds and brands of bleaches, so they know what works best.

    Good luck!
  8. I used a smaller company once too and their customer service wasn't top notch (after I placed my order) but everything worked out fine... but you think he'd keep rude remarks to himself if he wanted to earn and make a customer feel better about the purchase! It isnt you at all!

    Btw, I agree, don't use debit online, credit cards are safer! I learned that the hard way after a difficult transaction adn i had very little recourse and it was much more complicated since the money was taken directly out of my bank acount. Just better to be safe.
  9. Hiya,

    I take credit/debit card orders over the phone sometimes for a website I do admin/mod support for - he had a point, and wasn't being facetious!;)

    Thing is, if there's an https://www.... in the address for the secure server, no human hand would EVER see or touch your card details - if you ring a support line you are giving ALL your deets to - a person.:graucho:

    And this guy was actually making the point that in a labor market where people come and go, giving all your deets to a human is not a guarantee of security - credit card or not the hassle of getting stolen funds back is considerable.

    If you're not sure about a site, RIGHT click on a part of the secure page that isn't a picture and then select Properties right at the bottom of the grey menu - you want a message like:

    SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 2048 bit exchange ("bit" numbers vary - but you want to see SSL as that is "secure socket layer")

    Anything wihtout that IS NOT a secure site - check on that Properties page for Certificates and you'll learn more.

    HTH and b.t.w. if you DO know all this, apologies - just tryin' to be helpful!:yes:

    Cx (just edited post for clarity!)
  10. I think the problem was the way he said it? He could have said what you said, that it is safer in the internet if the website indeed has the https:// beginning on it, but he just made a point of making her feel self-concious.
  11. Thanks for the tips on checking if a website is secure or not-I appreciate it!

    As for going to the dentist for tooth whitening-don't have the bucks for that-so, some over the counter stuff will do. And, I think I will stop using my debit card online for good-never thought of the ramifications of not being able to get my money back if something goes wrong.
  12. Yeah, I take your point - I just assume everyone is a professional as me but he was probably some slacker who thought it was funny.

    Still, check your pages, do the right click, coz there are so many dodgy sites around and yet so many good ones you don't want to miss out!:smile:

    Worldpay (Thawte Premium Server CA etc in Certioficates) is the best company I've ever found to deal with, and most of them who go to the lengths of having SSL encryption are too pro to mess you about.

    PS I only have a debit card, as I'm not into organising myself with debt LOL, and not to tempt fate but have had no bad experiences in about 5 years of buying online - stick to reputable sites, check the security, it costs them MORE yto lose a customer than to scrape some dollars out of you and face the police etc.
  13. Actually...if you use your debit card as a "visa" purchase (without entering your PIN) you should be covered.
    I'm with Wells Fargo and I've done chargebacks before and been covered.
    Maybe not everyone's banks are like that though.
  14. " he was probably some slacker who thought it was funny "

    Sorry but I actually thought it was kinda funny. :shame:
  15. I would probably go somewhere like or something--I have ordered from there before, and they are reputable.