Is it me? Qvc forums


Dec 12, 2013
I have had good luck with everyone at this site being very helpful, so I wanted to see if some of the QVC viewers and purchasers of Dooney and Bourke go on the forums at QVC.

Am I just dumb or what? I probably post something there two times a year, but for some reason I get slammed no matter how I put things. I recently posted feedback about a change in a product I buy once a year for Christmas. The company made a change and since I hadn't been aware of the change prior to ordering, I thought letting other buyers know may be helpful.

I received over a dozen reply's and most of them completely missed my point. While I realise I could use a few more I.Q. points, I don't understand why people would state my point is 'silly' and a bunch of other negative comments.

I don't mean to be MEAN myself, but I wonder if some of the people only read a sentence of your post and then proceed to throw out a quick comment.

Has anyone else come across this?
Yea don't do it to yourself ... I somewhat avoid the brand forums here because I feel like some people don't realize that everything can have a flaw. Don't call yourself dumb .. they are a little too invested in something they had to pay for.

I didn't realize DD was still popular tho. Learned something new.