Is it me or is this not right?

  1. LV took my bag for repair (my MC Shirley) a few weeks ago. It finally came back but this is what it looks like. Check out the upper right hand corner of my Shirley. The leather's been stitched on crookedly :wtf:. I added a pic of what the other corner of the bag looks like & there's quite a difference. IMO the wonkiness really affects the shape of the bag. Am I being too anal?
  2. I would take it to LV and see what they say.
  3. What was the original repair? The corner?
    If it seems flawed, take it back and have them make it right !!
  4. It wouldn't bother me but if it really bothers you, take it back in.
  5. How bad was the damage? Maybe this was the best LV could do. If you think a neater job could have been done, however, definitely take it back.
  6. If you believe they could have done a better job, take it back and see what they say.
  7. ^^
  8. It wouldnt affect me too.. BUt if it bothers u.. Like u cant stop staring at the area .. U definitely should take it back n see wat they says..
  9. yeah if it bothers you, definitely bring it back.
  10. I would take it back and have them fix it correctly. It does look slightly odd.
  11. It would propably bother me a bit and would take it back.. I had one of my bags repaired a while ago and everything was just as new so personaly have the best experience as it only took few days as well, but one of my friends got a new bag for her birthday in june and after only two days the whole inside had rip open and she was waiting for almost three months for the repair, they even sent it back to Paris and when it came back the result was so dissapointing that they gave her a brand new bag at the end so I guess that it is possible that the repair can go wrong a little..I think you should take it back if you are not happy with it, you are not paying for the label only but also for the qality..
  12. If it bothers you then certainly bring it back and have them take a look, I'm sure you can arrange something?!?! ^ ^;;;
  13. run to lv and take it back
  14. I would take it back for sure.
  15. i am totally bothered!!!!!