Is it me or is she disastrous???!!!YUCK!

  1. i personally think Miss Kiki deserves the worst dressed, combed, and styled person of the century award ( Mischa gets the silver medal ...) seems its so hard to grab a bottle of shampoo and a comb and at least try and look decent for a multimillion dollar hit premiere, no ? :yucky: :cursing: :yucky: :throwup:
    druuunkt.jpg kikiewww4.jpg kikiewww2.jpg kikirome4.jpg
  2. Don't forget worst posture. Every time I see Dr. Sunken Tits I want to grab her shoulders, push them back and scream, "Stand up straight!"

  3. :roflmfao: and poke her with a stick on her back yeah ! :roflmfao: oh im so bad ...:p
  4. I think she looks good in the last pic where she is wearing the blue dress...:shrugs:
  5. she looks so much older in these pics!
  6. The pic of her in the blue dress is ok but the first outfit is so granny-ish.
  7. she looks old for her age.
  8. I think worst teeth should also be added to the list.
  9. The tan sweater-dress is horrible, but she looks OK in the blue dress. I like that she never wears a ton of makeup/fake tan.

    Actually, I don't mind when celebs aren't dressed to the 9's, all coiffed and overstyled and artifically perfect. It's refreshing when they just look "normal" and down-to-earth.
  10. I was thinking the exact samething how weird! She doesn't look young anymore. Like a little girl young she looks more mature in those pics like a lady rather than a girl.
  11. Well, not disasterous, yikes that's extreme! She does look tipsy. I think she's a beautiful woman.
  12. I think she looks ok.
  13. I agree! :yes:
  14. ^^Me too. I think a lot of blogs don't like her because she doesn't fit the celebrity mold. To me, that makes her more appealing. She's certainly not the most beautiful girl ... no botox, no extensions, no orange tan, doesn't carry a miniature dog as an accessory, dresses for herself rather than to "impress".... All of these things are a plus for her in my book.
  15. Sigh.... She can do better.