Is it me or did the price go down on certain coach items by 20 bucks??

  1. Like the canvas items?? For some reason I could have SWORN the coach legacy canvas andslim tote was 498.. now it s 478??
    and I could have SWORN the slim flap was 398 as well.. same price as the hippie.. weirdd.. and the signature shoulder zip.. i thought it was 298.. now it s 278??
  2. I don't know about most of them, but I know the slim tote has been $478 since at least last month, I drool over it at least once a day! lol
  3. I'm not sure but the prices on the website match the ones in my catalog which I've had for a while now. I didn't check them all but the slim tote and the the canvas slim flap I did.
  4. wow ok maybe my mind is playing tricks on me!! thanks!