Is it me but is there a high percentage of faulty bags?

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  1. I often read threads where people recieve damaged bags either by the supplier or just badly made... Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. I have heard a lot of people say that their locks peel easily.
  3. I got a faulty bag and it took about 3 months to rectify that situation. CS people tried to tell me otherwise. Mine was missing the serial/date stamp, otherwise, it was beautiful.

    Then the next one I got, the Chloe stamp on the leather that wrapped around the lock wasn't centered at all. I also noticed that the metal screws in the back weren't fully in too.

    But after all that, I finally have the Paddy of my dreams...
  4. I don't find it a fault or defect if the Chloe stamp on the lock wasn't dead centre. To me it's just a normal variation of different bags, like how some bags' leather is more pebbly or some are softer and slouchier, etc. There are some pics on LVR's paddies that show the Chloe stamp being very obviously off-centre.
  5. I guess I'm just very demanding! :shame: I tend to be obsessive so that would have driven me crazy.
  6. I think we're all obsessive...that's why we're here! :lol: :nuts:
  7. LOL! I know what you mean. A good friend of mine is quite fastidious and I could see that she'd be annoyed at the off-centre lock thing too. I'm a pretty casual sort of person I suppose, though not completely flexible (some things do bug me no end:biggrin:).
  8. I'm wondering about this too... for a pricey bag, there seems to be so many defects... but I love mine just the same. I just hope they wear well and won't be peeling all over the place after 6 months :nuts:
  9. I'm obsessive and usually find something wrong with a lot of bags. It just depends on how bad it is (like the stamping on the Fendi Spy I got) and if I can live with or without it.
  10. I bought a Gucci horsebit bag from an eBay seller and the inside Gucci tag stamp was crooked, so I assumed the bag was not genuine. I think quality control would make sure the stamp was straight. Then again, we are seeing a lot of issues here. Do you think the Gucci could be genuine, then? It has been sitting in my office for over a year now, I think.