Is it Me? 70cm Vintage Scarves

  1. okay I just was thinking....and have been thinking...

    I have bought several of the 70cm vintage scarves from last season.....

    I love the look, I love the feel, I love the patterns, etc

    but I never pick them up to wear. I always pick up the 90cm versions.

    why? I don't know. I do love them? They don't have the same effect when you wear them...

    but I am crazy? does anyone else feel this way?
  2. I feel a bit that way. I love my b/w Kelly en Caleche, but I think the other is going back...all I do is unfold it, and fold it back again.

    I wish it were a 90 cm because I love the feel of it.
  3. thanks CB.

    I have had the Pawnee, Omnibus, the Carriage one....and I think one more..oh Swing St Germain in yellow....forever now and I think I have only worn each one a quick thing.

    I love love love them...I just don't wear them.

    I don't know why. :sad:
  4. ^ You are not alone. I have two that I bought this summer and I havn't used them once. Don't know why :shrugs: I have the b/w omnibus and b/g Kelly Caléche. Think I regret the last one.
  5. First of all, I like stiff scarves so I am not into the Vintage Silk hand but I dont find 70cm as versatile as 90cm in general. I adore my cotton scarf collection but rarely use em because, again, 70cm :sad:

    I only have one Vintage Silk and dont plan to get anymore unless they issue it in a pattern I MUST have like Alphabet Metiers I or Ville de Paris or something
  6. It's not just you! I only bought one, the Omnibus, and I'm glad that's all I bought--I wore it I think, maybe twice, and it's just not the same for some reason. I can't quite put my finger on why I like the 90cm size better, but I definitely do. I think I have decided to give up on the 70cm size.
    Maybe it's because I usually tie my regular size scarves in a simple front-facing square knot and I like that the ends are long because they elongate me a bit? That's the only theory I could come up with for why I don't really reach for the smaller one very often.
  7. okay good. I am not alone.

    I love my omni bus and my Swing St Germain...and really love the Pawnee color i have in the purple...and really love the carriage one...

    but I just don't wear them. part of me wants to sell half of them but I just love them all so much.

    but I bought them because i thought they would be easier to wear than 90cm in the warmer days but they are still hot and I just reach for a pocket square
  8. I only have a black & white Swinging and don't wear it as much but then it's freezing here so a teeny 70 is not enough to keep we warm :lol:

    I think these are a lot more prim'n'proper than the big scarves which can look a lot more casual.
  9. YES that is it Loony...when I wear them I feel VERY prim and proper...

    maybe because i love the patterns I should just get them framed or something?

    keep one to wear or maybe 2...

    but the St Germain would be great framed...and maybe the Omni bus.

    Pawnee is really nice on in that purple...and the Carriage scarf is a nice blue...and I have a pillow of that one already!
  10. I've been on the fence about the 70cm... I love how big 90cm are, and I really want Kelly en Caleche,... :s I just don't know!
  11. I have the black/white ommibus and wear it all the time as it goes with everything. I find that they are better for going with casual polo tees.
  12. I have mostly 90cm squares but I do have two 70cm squares and I love them; they are easy to reach for when the 90s feel like just too much material.

    Also, I tend to wear my scarves tucked away or rolled up, a style that lends itself well to the 70s rather than a flowing style that shows the pattern of the scarf. Lol, DH says I don't do justice to the patterns and pictures within my scarves the way I tie them but as I tend to choose very muted colours and designs, there is often not a lot to see anyway. I also have a secret fear of spilling food, getting the scarf wet through rain and for a sudden gust of wind to blow the scarf up against my lipstick!!! Neat, tidy, more formal styles appeal to me and again, this suits the 70s.

    In fact I bought another 70 scarf today - a cashmere and silk scarf (the first cashmere/silk I have seen in this size) - it's the perfect size to keep me neck warm without lots of bulk. So yes, I love the 70s and I do wear them as well as my 90s.

    I love and use both sizes.
  13. I think we might be on to something here. Maybe it's all about how the individual prefers to tie his/her scarf, and how much floofiness is desired? I like floofy, so the 70 seems a bit small to me, but if I preferred a more tailored look I can see how it would be great.

  14. I think that is it for me too. I pick them up at the store but never manage to walk out with them because although I love the feel, I just don't think I'd wear it.
  15. ^
    I always wear rolled up, I can't wear the 90s I drown. I love 70 scarf.