Is it logical to get both?

  1. i'd love to get both the monogram speedy 25 and mahattan pm (not in a single purchase though, hehe). do you guys think it's logical to do that, or one already serves the purpose of the other? is there anyone in here who got both?

  2. I think so. Although they are both from the same line the style is very different.
  3. They are completely different bags! Deifnately get both if you can't decide!
  4. it is never unlogical to get 2 bags from the same line at the same time!
  5. Many pp have speedy AND manhattan pm/gm, we even have Speedy collector who purchase Speedy from all different lines. So it's definitely NORMAL to get those's like black pants and black skirts, both black, but two different style, kwim? :graucho: :devil:
  6. If you can afford both, and enjoy both...get both! When it comes to handbags, less is NOT more :smile:
  7. Sure. Like others have said, they're both different bags and the Manhattan can look more dressy if needed.
  8. ^thanks guys for the replies!!

    i'm just concern about the color and size being almost alike. i really like both, but you know how guys think, everything looks the same to them. just have to be prepared to reason out when DH sees them if ever i decide to get both. maybe i can use Classic Chic's comparison :graucho:
  9. Get both. Like everyone else has said, they're different styles. I have both and love them both.
  10. [​IMG]

    To getting both bags! And def. enabling...*ahem*....cheering you on!! [​IMG]

    ^---- I LOVE THAT SMILEY!!!!!
  11. Hmmm..many of us here have more bags than an octopus (or two, or three) could carry...we're all illogical. Go and get both of the bags...and have fun with them!!!
  12. get both! i think of them as two different bags. i have 2 speedy 25s, that's a little more illogical.
  13. I don't have both but I do have manhattan PM. They are such completely different looking styles that I think it's a great idea to get both if you can afford them.:graucho:
  14. just get one first and after some time you'll get ur answer:yes:
  15. Go for it.