Is it "Less is More" or "the More the Merrier" for You?


May 15, 2006
New England
I've been busy whittling my collection down to four bags: 35 cm Birkin; 32cm HAC; 31cm Bolide and 30cm Birkin. My home is now a Kelly-free zone. I've gotten the nod to order a bag at the February podium, and I'm just going to sit tight and wait for that bag to arrive.

I've also taken a hard look at the stacks of orange boxes on my closet shelves filled with brand new Hermes silk scarves that I had to have yet never wore, and charms I thought I couldn't live without, and am parting with lots of them. It's for the same reason that I only want a handful of Hermes bags that I wear and adore -- to keep from being overwhelmed by so many choices.

After several years of snapping up Hermes bags and scarves, I have a new sense of calm and my closets now hold my carefully edited collections. So far, I've made some headway doing this with clothing. I haven't tacked shoes yet. Like CynthiaNYC, I've got way too many pairs of black shoes. As Scarlet said, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

How do you feel about your Hermes handbag and/or scarf collections? Are you ready to do some serious refining, or do you self edit along with the way by only buying things you'll hold onto forever? Are you overwhelmed by too many choices, or is it a "more the merrier" situation in your closets?


Aug 21, 2006
It used to be the more the merrier but as I get older it is fast becoming Less is More. I want a few select pieces and the rest history!!:yes:


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
I agree with you MillStream I think less is more. I know it can be so easy to accumulate stuff that you never use! Same with Coats for me I have so many coats its crazy! I have never been much of a purse lady until learning more info from this forum so I guess it will be a while for me! (But then how do you know what you need in a purse? I still have no clue!:confused1:)


Always A Princess
Mar 15, 2006
Oy! I One Of Those "Never Can Have Too Much"....It's Not Always A Good Thing. I'm Not That Way With Hermes. I'm Definitely Fine With "Less Is More" ...I Much Rather Have The Perfect Pieces For Me.

I've Gotten A Few Exact Repeats...I Will Buy It & Than Get The Same As A Gift. Of Course, I Would Never Give Away (Or Sell) A Gift. So, I Rather Do That With A Piece I Bought (Though I'm Too Scared To Sell ~ Whole Other Story).

Millstream I Look Forward To The Day When I Can Do As You & Really Streamline My Collection...I Can Only Imagine All Those Goodies:nuts:

Doesn't It Feel Good To Be Done Going Through It All? :yes:


Oct 12, 2006
The concept of less is more has always appealed to me.
Unfortunately there is a disconnect with H for me...especially with bags. I admire shoes319's and Millstream's ability to edit their bag collections on an ongoing basis. I just can't part with any H bags of mine.
I have scarves that I should sell, however. I rarely wear them and most are brand-new.


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
Given that I probably won't be able to acquire more than a select few pieces anyway, this won't be a problem with H, but may with other designers.

I think that my approach is going to be something like: find the classic pieces from each designer that I want to own (like a jumbo flap in black caviar from Chanel, etc) and get those, and find a few 'fun' pieces that aren't trendy and will make me proud 60 years from now.

That being said I don't have 'too' many things on my H list that I want to acquire, I know I want something in raisin, a KP, a wallet and an agenda, a few scarves and some bracelets.

I want to stop buying things on a whim and just have strong statement pieces that reflect who I am and that I can be proud of. That involves saving for them instead of buying 'now'.

I don't know - what is too much though? It probably depends on your lifestyle.


Detective Hermès!
Jul 7, 2006
i just want one more Birkin in Crocodile..colour either raisin croc or vert fonce croc or etrusque croc. unsure about matte or glazed. once that is acquired, i'll have every bag i will ever "need" for the rest of my life.
shoes overwhelm my closet. so do clothes. especially goodness....


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
MILLSTREAM This is a wonderful thread.....I have been going through this very process. Less IS more..... I have still a little refining yet to do on my bags but that will come in time.

My problem seems to be that though I've refined my scarves down to what's left being worn MUCH more than sitting in the scarf drawer, I'm seriously drawn to the vintage issues.....and THIS seems to be where I'm heading into some big-time trouble...LOL!!!!!


Mar 2, 2007
Hmmm. I could sit here and say that less is more, and it sounds good in concept, but I know myself and that's not the reality of it for me!! LOL! I do find that I impulse buy scarves a lot, and I really should chill out with that because I find that I wear the same few over and over and others have never seen the light of day! Otherwise, I use and love every other thing I have. I don't have a lot of cadenas or other stuff sitting around. My detritus, if you want to call it that, is really all made of silk. :P

(Oh wait, I just realized that I AM about to sell one bag that I bought very recently--but I'm actually really "trading" it for something I want even more but will serve the exact same function as an evening bag. Does that count?)


It's Pompom time!!
Feb 22, 2006
I'm thinking less is more as time goes on. I would really love one more birkin or a Kelly. I have a few scarves that I just don't wear at all. I should really sell them. I'm more of a twilly girl. It's just hard to let go of the stuff.
I think this is a great thread, its something I have really been thinking about.

As some members know I lost my ostrich kelly in the flooding, and have to place an order for a replacement soon.

I think I might sell the bags I have , just keep my black box kelly , and order one more from H, and be happy with that so two Kelly and one constance would do me.

Scarves I am quite good I have six and thats plenty for me.

I would love to own a Chaine d'ancre necklace and then I think I am done.

Less is more to me now I think, sometimes when I look at them and add up how much they have cost it can seem a bit silly.


H.O.P Mommy
Mar 11, 2006
in the hills
^^Definitely agreewith Jennifleur that over time, for me, less has become more....I've had the opportunity to own the bags that I had really wanted, but have found what is and what is not practical for me. I'm waiting for my SO and then I'll get a clutch and a wallet, then I'll be pretty much done with the exception of an accesory here and there.


Jul 16, 2006
Well, no H bags or scarves for me yet, but I have always been a minimalist and I live my life my the motto: "Less is more."

Was it Mies van der Rohe who said that?


Sep 14, 2006
Millstream, I admire you. I've got too much stuff. I am lazy about getting rid of things. Probably my executor will get stuck with the job.
(There is a minimalist hiding somewhere in my hoarder body.)