Is it just the store in my city or is LV service below standard everywhere now?

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  1. OK, I have to confess that I have steered away from LV some 6 years ago for various reasons. I have always remember how professional and helpful and polite my favourite SA(s) were in Melbourne.
    Having been enjoying other brands these years, mon monogram has drawn my attention back to LV and I went into my local store to order a Speedy 35. It all went well on the day I ordered (luckily, or else I would not even have ordered). I was waiting patiently and was so excited about receiving my new bag. Yesterday, a SA called me and I went straight after work with hubby to collect it. I went in and told a SA I was there to collect my bag and she took my receipt and went in to look for it. I was browsing in the store and these 2 guys were pushing a trolley with stock on it, and they nearly hit the glass cabinet. I am not going to critisize their appearance (greasy dirty hair, shirt that looks like it's been stuffed in the drawer for 3 months...) but he really actually got my attention when he yelled "Fxxk" when the trolley nearly hit the glass cabinet. I looked at them and they just kept joking and chatting and pushed the trolley away. Then I waited another 5 or 10 mins, when a SA yelled to another SA very loudly pointing at us, saying "You go and see WHAT THEY WANT, I wanted to go but since you're here".... OK, WHAT THEY WANT! As if I'm a troll or something?! I would think it's more polite to say through their walkie talkie thing or at least use the word customer. I think I look very local so there is not chance she would suspect I can't speak their language?!
    This really puts me off going inside LV or purchasing anything from them again. I mean, are they generally hiring people with no customer service skills or manners at all now? Or is it just the store that I went in? Please, share your views.
  2. The LV boutique and Saks LV in my area (Michigan) have always been extremely professional every time I have gone, and I have gone a lot lately! Sorry to hear about your negative experience, I hope its an isolated one.
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    Sorry to hear about your less than pleasant experience! I've been to a few LV and all have treated me very nicely. If they were rude or mean, I'd usually ***** about it in store since my tongue is very sharp and I use it very well it's needed, lol. Next time go to a different location. I don't think all of them are like that.
  4. I go to the Crown Casino store mostly, have my regular SA there. PM me if you would like his name...
  5. Thank you! When I was in Melbourne I shop at Collins St and never had a problem. The incident happened at One Central Macau :sad: I miss my Melbourne SA
  6. I am sorry to hear that your LV experience fell short of optimal. I would say that is the exception rather than the rule. I've been to over 30 LV locations around the world and have only had one bad experience. In my opinion their track record for professionalism, helpfulness, customer service and friendliness has been on the excellent side. Many of my visits have been enjoyable enough to be blog worthy or noted here in the forums.

    Please do not let this one experience put you off such a wonderful brand!
  7. You'll see posts on every designer thread about the lack of service. No, it's not exclusive to LV. It's a blight everywhere.
  8. I have been to a few LVs in a few countries,generally good experience except one small LV in S'pore.I went to ION Mall at Orchard Road to buy 2 bags and the 3rd bag that I wanted is only available at another store at Raffles Hotel.So I went there, the SA there was a little snobbish,she made me feel like she wanted to complete my transaction & serve another VIP customer qiuckly.Maybe she thought that I already bought too many and won't be afford to buy more from her that day.LOL!
  9. my boutique in MI and the NYC soho boutique have nice SAs=)
  10. I haven't had any experiences like that at our boutique only experiences of rudeness from SAs. Sorry to hear about your negative experience. I would get extremely irritated if that happened to me (sounds like something you see in the supermarket and not an LV boutique). I probably even would've reprimanded them for their unprofessional behaviour.
  11. HELLO:nuts: Sorry to read about your experience .. very poor form indeed.
  12. That's such a shame! I generally get good service...never heard staff swearing!