Is it just the LINE?

  1. ok so Kooba's rep was standing on the new spring line for me, and totally bombed. not because of style shape or function, but LEATHER. now Lexie sells her Charlie and fears for her Nina.

    the spring line is weak leather. if kooba knew all of the problems we were having, would they do something?

    the leather CREASES.... (as it happened to my bonnie AND lexie's charlie) from regular use! i BABIED this bag... and when i mean babied, i mean we had another bag in the car for it to sit in instead of on the seat or on someones lap. babied as in it could have been an infant in a carsteat. the leather (blonde color) on the bonnie did really well with watermarks, but the slightest touch on it with anything but a cottonball scratches the leather.

    i really dig that Olive Sienna that was posted on sale... but now i'm afraid for my Kooba future because of my first encounter. i'm now realizing this is probably just THIS LINE of leather? but that is still depressing.

    anyone else having sensitivity issues with their LUX SOFT LOVELY spring line of leather? is it just too sensitive!?

    what a bout leathers from the past. how do they compare?
  2. OH and I have just been trying to photograph my bag to show marks etc. Charlie in Luggage.

    It is so difficult to show because in certain lights you cant see it, at all.

    On scrutinising further, I have just noticed a big scuff mark on the strap that runs down and up the bag to the handles, I had not noticed that before, so looks like its own dust bag has damaged it.

    I will try and post these pics, if we can get them clear enough.

    I am currently using a Chloe chocolate Hobo bag, and that is gorgeous leather, but no worry at all about it marking.
  3. yeesh. i'm usuing a wilsons leather rainbow hobo in black leather. i showed my roommate the true quality and durability of wilsons leather a few days ago by holding it with my teeth. no marks at all. the bonnie, yeah i wouldnt' do that lol. it's in its dustbag till i can figure out what to do with it. not gonna sell it, cuz it's so messed by my cat, not gonna use it cuz i'll ruin it further and don't have spray stuff.... im stuck.
  4. got into Kooba at a weird time and happened to fall in love with a style and realized the leather was not what you wanted. I've been into Kooba for years and came into the same place BUT I've had the previous years to form an opinion based on experience. Like I said in other threads...all of my other bags look practically brand new. Look at the Scarlett and Sienna after over 2 years. And hear all of us talk about our other bags. Don't let the Bonnie leather set your mind about the whole Designer.
    The Charlie didn't crease...just spot. And my Elisha has the same leather as the Bonnie but shows no marks. I think alot of this is a color issue. It's the reason I never bought a light Kooba before. So now...I give in and get a Charlie...and TADA...I've got problems. Maggie had problems with a light colored Sienna. I know money is tight but one day you need to get a Sienna (no cream or white!) and let it prove to you Kooba quality. I wish you could get the Olive bag. If Kooba doesn't re-isssue any Siennas they are gonna be obsolete soon.

    I am interested in seeing Solly's pics. If they show the same kind of mars etc, then it isn't just the leather color but the leather type.
  5. well this is the picture of the crease i thought i saw on ur charlie:

    it just looks like a natural crease, but it doesn't look like the rest of the bag. a crease like that appeared on my bag 3 days after i got it. day 4 was when my cat did his number. is there a crease like that on the other side???
  6. don't worry after seeing sienna pictures i think eventually i'll end up with that bag or something similar, it's just going to take me a WHILE to muster up the balls to buy another bag that is "mid range" instead of low end like dooney and coach. i don't think they're "low end" because i can beat the crap out of them... not that i want to... you know what i mean. i just dont' know if i trust myself with another after the Bonnie experience.
  7. I think it must just be the new leather style of this line. I have a Kooba Carla that is holding up great and a Sienna that doesn't have a scratch. I guess they wanted to try something new and it just didn't work.
  8. Take a look at some of the older Koobas, guys, there are a lot of beauties out there that hold up a lot differently/better.
  9. well i hate that i tried the "didn't work" line. i will be back to the kooba craze, but like i said, money will be the deciding factor in that, and i'm going to probably want to bulk up my coach collection a tad as i've been neglecting purses in general and delving into the dooney subforum as distraction. i'm scared to like any other brand but dooney and coach, i'm afraid to buy a new bag for fear of something happending to it, and i feel guilty for not using this new bag i have.

    i just don't know how to get myself to overcome the fear of using it, and i think my roommate is right when he said i can "only use it on special occasions" which is whack because it's the most i ever spent on the bag. i LOVE this bag i just feel like it is... "the bag in the bubble"... needs too much protection!
  10. Glad you cleared up the crease confusion. That isn't a crease that is considered bad. I circled all the mars and marks in my pics and this isn't circled. It's a natural leather variation that occurs in alot of Koobas. The side of this bag has some variation in leather that is a bit softer and squishier and it appears to have creases but they are actually fine like lines in the leather. Most of the Coaches I had owned (at one time over 20) never had this leather. It was a smoother harder leather. I think you just aren't real accustomed to the Kooba leather.

    I did get a Kooba one time and returned it because the leather had alot of variations that made the bag seem uneven. Different parts of the bag come from different parts of a skin. Your arm skin doesn't look like your belly skin, ya know? So you may get a bag that seems to have been made out of a different leather. It's not like fabric where you get an even constant appearance.

    The Charlie side pic you show is actually a cool part of the bag. It's soft and non perfect in appearance and if the whole bag looked like that I would LOVE it. It's the spotting and scuffs that were the problem.

    Hope you get what I'm saying. Maybe chill about your Bonnie. Show us a pic of the crease. It may just be leather. Maybe that's why I never noticed it...because I considered it part of the natural leather appearance.

    Other Koobas have thicker leather or a different style leather that doesn't create alot of varaition. I think a pebbled style would be good for you. The Jillian or Jessie or a pebbled Sienna. They are particularly hardy. Do you have any stores around you, that you can go peruse?
  11. i wish i did because i would have prior to purchase to compare different kinds of leather. the crease on the bonnie wasn't there when you sent it i'm quite sure. the leather quality is undeniable. i have had people who know nothing about handbags compliment the softness of the leather, and have even compared it to suede. if creases showing up on the leather after use so show a distressed look is normal, then i will just use this kooba like i would use almost any other bag, and see what happens. i have a picture on another thread i'll dig up (after i finally go pay rent) and hopefully the stupid batteries we have will work so i can try and take different pix. the line starts under the weaved leather from the bow... it's mysterious. although i always liked the saying:

    "it's messed up just right, so i know it's mine"
  12. We have had a couple of tries and it is really difficult to show.

    I honestly think my OH thinks I am being my normal pedantic self. I have (as mentioned earlier) spotted an even bigger scuff on the strap, which I had not seen previously. ARGH!!!!!

    But, the scratch I was initially talking about is the very first thing I noticed when I unpacked it. Maybe it is just one of those things that happens to this type of leather!!

    Anyway, here are the pics. The 2nd set that was taken my OH wouldn't even pick it up in the dustbag, he said he would let me handle the bag, as I knew where the scratch was. He means, no way is he going to touch it, in case he scratches it. And I :crybaby:

    Hope these pics work, and show up properly.
    KooCharsc2.jpg KooCharScr1.jpg KooCharsc3.jpg

    i'm going to force myself to get over it and just carry the bag. the holes (teeth marks) are from my cat, in another thread, but this is the crease, that just kinda showed up. it's not really bothering me as much as what my cat did!!! (won't post those depressin pix here lol) i'm trying to appreciate what i have more. i will give kooba a try in the future (maybe not near future, but i can't make any promises ALL my Xmas money won't go to a bag hehe.... or BIRTHDAY money... oh *gets sparkles in eyes*) annnnyway.... i still think the bag is great. i'll even take it out and bop my cat in the head with it right now!~
  14. Kinda looks like the same markings occuring on my Charlie. I guess it's just the leather. And I noticed there is no "rubbing" these spots out as you can in other leathers. Maybe since your bag is darker it will show less spots. But honestly, I have no idea where all these dirt spots are coming from because I have been so anal about carrying it and protecting it.
  15. I am definitely going to have to get something to put on it to protect it. Done a search on Wilson's, but as usual searches only bring up none UK places.

    The only leather protector I have ever used is for a leather sofa and that is a lot stiffer leather, so am not sure it would be the right thing to use on this bag.

    I noticed a few large marks along the straps, they are like deep creases, as though it may well have been folded somehow, but, as it is on the strap which goes around the entire bag, it is much firmer leather, and there is no way it could have creased by it folding over.

    I can only think that it is a feature of the leather used.

    Does this make sense.