Is It Just The Bags ????

  1. Just wondering Is it just the bags or do you do all of it ??

    Shoe`s , clothes , maybe car ???

    For me its just the bags , can`t afford to much else maybe the odd spurge in the clothes sales!!

    Oh and I drive an old VW.
  2. I love shoes and boots,good quality but not top end designer. I love Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses and tops.
  3. I don't do fashion, the last piece of clothing I bought myself was a £3 T shirt from Sainsburys - 2 weekds later I bought a bbag :roflmfao:.

    I do have a few pairs of Jimmy Choos and a couple of items of Tiffany jewellery. My aim is to build a nice collection (not excessive) of classic/timeless pieces that will last years and years. This is why I'm still Mulberry less as I've not found "The One" yet.

    I also drive an old VW.
  4. I am lucky in the respect that I got some nice stuff from the jewellers I worked at.Clothes I'll buy what I think suits me and,and don't chuck it away,I have started keeping everything as it all seems to come back around again.
    Shoes are the same,although I never wear heels anymore,but I do get lots of bargains in TK Maxx for trainers,Caterpillar type boots etc.(I love that place!)
    My bags,quite timeless and not in or out of trend as I want them to last without becoming a sad bag,they cost too much!!!!
    I like unusual bits of art and things for the house(I swear to much to be pretentious!)
    I like having other bits,Andy gets capitol bonds as part of his commision sometimes,he never seems to need anything so he lets me have them,they take them in Selfridges,so that way I ended up with some Prada sunnies,the Paul Smith purse,and dare I say it?? A pair of Victoria Beckham jeans! But I do buy or get things with a veiw to keeping them for a long,long time,so what I do buy I try not to go too mainstream so theres less chance of it happening!!!(Andy persuaded me to get the Vic Beckham jeans,they are an amazing fit,but the big sparkly bits on the pockets are a bit show-off for me
    and I am ashamed to say I have had them for 8 months and worn them ......twice)

    As for my car its a P reg old Saab and I love her to bits! I will cry the day she finally packs up for good,but she's done a hundred and eleven thosand miles already and still seems alright so I'm sticking with her!!!
  5. I am a skin care junkie! Verrry gullible -will fall for anything! I love to shop at Williams Sonoma for kitchen ware (dh and I love to cook). I buy pretty regular clothing - pretty classic. I do own 3 or 4 higher end shoes and boots. I am really a jeans and flip flop person. Not really even a jewelry person, although I am looking at a Michele watch for anniversary in Feb. Even DH liked the watch.
    I would rather take a trip than to spend too much money on shoes or clothes (notice I left out bags..) HA HA

    I bought myself a Prius a few months ago and love her, especially when I see that 99MPG when she is on battery!!
  6. Hi All

    I'm afraid that I'm a watch junkie (sad!), I have 3 Gucci & various other brands. (One of them bought in the Canaries - no VAT!) I also like good jewellery, but can't really say that I'm into designer clothes. (Wallis & Principles type of person!)
  7. I think thats quite cool liking watches,useful and lovely all at the same time! (< doh!) I used to get suits and tops for work from Principles as the cut of thier suits is lovely,look far more expensive than they are,and Wallis does brill petite stuff and its made well so it lasts forever! Other than that its old stuff or Topshop,New Look even charity shops if I like something.But I love scouring the sales for stuff for the next year,I found a pair of French Connection linen trousers that I have had for four years ,wear loads every summer and the were reduced from £ a tenner!!!!
  8. I think one of the best sales is Hof , but you have to be there first thing and don`t mind a few toes being stepped on !!

    Its amazing some of the lengths some ladies go to to get the bargain`s !!

    I`ve seen a punch up, over a top !!:bagslap:
  9. The sales terrify me. Being in uniform means I never need that many civvies anyway :shrugs:
  10. I take it all back about my riffraff remark!!!! But I still think Buck Palace would stink of corgis,and that Prince Harry would in fact say his brother has a tiny willy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. So being a lady in uniform , which Mulberry bags do you use ??
  12. Have'nt got one yet Tara - Still trying to decide which is "The One". Today it's the east west bayswater.
  13. Yep , thats the case , one day I want one and then next day I change my mind , so many to choose from !!
  14. Is this like the Ledbury but with longer straps ??
  15. It's like a half size bayswater - shorter body if that makes sense.