Is it just my connection or is tPF kinda slow today?

  1. just wondering :confused1:

    It takes me forever to open threads and most of the time it just stops in the middle, so I have the headline and a blank page and I got to reload :shrugs:

    Anyone else with problems like that? :s
  2. Not today...but I have had this problem in the past!
  3. argh, it's really annoying :hysteric: ---- so I guess I better go now and get some shopping done
  4. Haven't in a while, but I have had that problem in the past...
  5. i restart my internet connection when it gets like that. which IS pretty oft lately.
  6. but it was just tPF I had the problems with, all other sites worked perfectly fine :shrugs:

    anyways, it's back to normal now :yes:
  7. I also haven't had any recent trouble. . . do you clear your cache/temporary internet files/browsing history often?
    I find that it makes a HUGE difference on sites you visit very frequently.