Is it just me....

  1. Or has the way the member profiles are viewed on the forum changed..?:P

    Ahhh changed back again...maybe i'm cracking matter lol :biggrin:
  2. looks a little different to me - the fonts/sizes our names are in.
    Vlad likes to jack w/ us I think! LOL!
  3. Yeah, its seems a little er !! like off to the side ! I keep leaning to my the left !!!

  4. Ha ha! Yeah you are right!

    Earlier on, my posts and location were on the right hand side, and my Rosemary was on the left.... i swear it....and i haven't even had a drink yet! lol:P :biggrin: :nuts:
  5. It's all just a matter of your imagination. JK! I was playing with the styles a little, it's back to normal again.
  6. Hehe, thx - i've got bad eyesight but it's not that bad..............yet!;):P