Is it just me....???

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  1. I baby all of my bags & I try to slow down the patina as much as possible... =P
  2. How stupid. I had "bag" on the brain lol. I meant it shouldn't get as BAD. :lol:
  3. i don't mind the patina actually. but i would love it if the bh came in damier.
  4. I am not a fan of the dark patina. I know it happens so I just have to deal with it.
  5. i can't wait for the patina to darken on my BH - i love this purse, it is very spacious - great for everything!!! I hoe you decide to go with the BH!
  6. the patina tans slowly, and you just get used to it, and you probably wont notice it unless you leave it for a while
  7. I love the patina--I think that bags look so much better with it. It gives them character--almost like you can tell that the bag has a story to tell. My BH has darkened just a bit and that makes me like it so much more.

    I won't even carry a brand new bag--I have to let it sit out until the leather darkens a bit.
  8. i hate when the vachetta starts to turn. i really enjoy that pale white look of new vachetta, i can stand a little patina but not very much and i'm wondering does shining monkey help slow down the patina process or does it only help with water/spill marks?